4 Unconventional Tips for Building Confidence – Vitality Athletic Apparel

4 Unconventional Tips for Building Confidence

4 Unconventional Tips for Building Confidence - Vitality

Let Your Best Self Thrive

Confidence – we promote it, we desire it, and we all have it at varying levels whether obvious or hidden within. It makes us wonder: what is it that allows some to wear confidence on their sleeves – to (seemingly) have it in abundance – while others struggle? We don’t have the magic answer to that – we’re human, too! – but we have looked into the qualities of the most confident people and gathered a few ways to help us all become our best, most confident selves.

Here are a few steps you can take to build confidence and reap the benefits of letting your best self shine.

Create Accomplishments

There’s nothing like the feeling an achievement gives you, especially if that achievement is hardfought or one that you’re passionate about. But that feeling can also be obtained by accomplishing the little things in our lives – by checking off your to-do lists, hitting your water goal for the day, or getting in that quality family time you’ve been working into your schedule. There’s a feeling of pride in getting things done and actually doing what you set out to do. It means you’ve proven to yourself that you CAN do whatever you set your mind to and that self-sufficient feeling is nothing short of a confidence boost. Try setting tasks or goals to achieve throughout the week and allow yourself the chance to progress in your achievements. This will build momentum as you strive for a more confident self and will show you just how capable you are. 

Stick to Your Morals & Values Fearlessly

The most confident people in this world don’t have everything in life figured out, but what they do have is conviction. They are steadfast in who they are and what they believe in and they do not succumb to the opinions or influence of others. Now, this unwavering belief can bring the most confident of us to fault, but there is something valuable to be learned from this aspect of confidence: staying true to who you are and what you believe matters. It gives you a sense of purpose, solidifies your trust in yourself, and shows just how admirable being unique in your individuality really is. Your morals and values are the pillars of who you are and who you’re aiming to become. While it is necessary to grow with both, don’t let any outside force shake you from what you believe in. Be you, fearlessly. Not only will you build confidence within yourself, you’ll also inspire others to have confidence in themselves and their own beliefs.

Care Less About What Others Think

This is a tough one. It’s human nature to consider the thoughts or judgements of others, but confidence requires feeling secure in yourself despite judgment, comments, or negativity (just imagine how freeing it would be if we simply didn’t care!). Caring less about what others think of you takes time, patience, and a commitment to yourself. There are, however, a few steps you can take to help get you there. First, focus on the way you communicate with and about yourself. Start building yourself up in your own self talk, giving yourself grace and acceptance, and acknowledging the awesome things about you. Then, start standing up for yourself when others don’t. Don’t belittle your worth for the sake of others; vocalize the incredible things about you and don’t let anyone make you think you're less than what you are. Next, separate yourself from any individual or group that doesn’t see the value you hold. Surround yourself with those who lift you up, see your worth, and push you to see it as well. They’ll help you build the confidence you need to stop caring about the opinions an outside may hold. Hone in on your worth and let the worries of others float away as you find the confidence to be YOU. 

Take Care of Yourself – Mind, Body, & Soul

When we feel our best is when our best, most confident selves thrive. Make your health a priority and adopt a lifestyle that ensures a healthy, confident version of you. Stick to an exercise routine you enjoy, adopt a nutritious diet, and work to get a full night’s rest each day of the week. Not only will you feel better physically, but you’ll feel better about yourself when living a healthy lifestyle. Moving and fueling your body properly benefits both physical and mental health, allowing for a smoother thought process, more energy, and a happier mood to carry with you into all aspects of your life. And when we’re able to feel our best and perform at our best is when confidence in ourselves can be built. Aside from physical care, fuel your mind with what it needs to grow and expand. Equip yourself with the knowledge you need to put your best foot forward and bring you confidence at work, among friends, or in any areas that you may need it. And finally, prioritize your emotional and spiritual health – do what makes you happy and feel the most fulfilled. Happiness is directly linked to confidence, for when happy, worries tend to fade away. Plus, your spirituality or source of fulfillment is a value core to you. Prioritize it and you’ll find yourself more rooted and secure – more confident – in your beliefs and your life’s direction. 

Confidence is obtainable, but it is up to us to build it within ourselves. Become the source of your own validation and take the steps to find security in who you are and where your values lie. We guarantee you’ll feel free, happy, and more alive when you do. 
Choose to become your most confident self today. 

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