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Abundance & Hope Are on the Horizon

Abundance & Hope Are on the Horizon

Where there is hardship, a breakthrough will follow.

Balance Fam,

These past couple months haven’t been easy. We’ve been tested. We’ve been challenged. We’ve been pushed to our limits. But we will come out stronger in the end. Whether you can see it yet or not, abundance and hope are on the horizon.

Where there is hardship, a breakthrough will follow. When times get tough, you may start to lose focus and find your motivation drying up. It’s when you push through this hot mental desert and take those few extra steps that you’ll begin to find yourself in a period of relief–an oasis.

The key to getting through hardship is to always remember this isn’t the first time you’ve faced adversity. You’ve made it through before, and you’re going to do it again

Recently, we’ve been presented with the opportunity to slow down, which is something many of us struggle to do amidst the chaos of life. With the mindfulness of knowing that tough times will always pass, it allows you to refocus on making use of this time instead of simply letting it pass you by. It changes the narrative in your mind of “why is this happening to me?” to “what am I learning from this?”.

Rather than waiting for things to go back to how they used to be, let’s move forward.

It’s not always going to be easy, but the growth will be worth it.

Through the adversity, you’ve grown stronger and each emotion you’ve faced became a lesson. 

You’ve gained patience from frustration, compassion from anger, self-love from loneliness, and courage from fright. 

When you stop and recognize how far you’ve already come, you will find that motivation to keep pushing and keep taking those steps, no matter how small. You will continue to grow.

You are stronger than you were yesterday and with each day comes a new chance to flourish.

As we move forward, there will still be uncertainty, but there will also be hope. Hope that we will come out of this stronger than we were when this all began, that we’ll learn from our struggles, and that we’ll have a newfound appreciation for the little things.

In life, there will always be uncertainty, but uncertainty breeds wisdom and clarity. Have trust in the best possible outcome, remember you can overcome anything, and know that you are growing through it all. 

You will find your oasis.

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