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Balance Fam Feature

Balance Fam Feature

BFF #1 -  Jasmin Sade

Hey Balance Fam,

We all have our inspirations, those we look up to in so much awe. Some maybe we’ve met, some we haven’t. But ultimately, they’re people we want to know more about. For us, that’s our Balance Family. 

To the community who never ceases to amaze us with overwhelming love, support, and appreciation, thank you. This one’s for you.

Introducing: Balance Fam Feature (BFF) 
Our newest blog series highlighting individuals among our incredible Balance community. Because we’re family, and it’s time we get to know each other a little bit better.

🥺 ~ Ya girl has a very sensitive side
💃🏽 ~ I love to dance and have a good time!
🍷 ~ Listen, wine is life!

If I had one more hour of free time, I would want to spend it with my mom and my older sister. We always have the most fun/memorable times together and having quality time with my family means a lot to me. However, now that we don’t live as close to one another, it can get tough to spend that much needed time together.  

Definitely Taylor hands down! She is a complete foodie just like me and that dinner would be LIT. Might I add again that wine is life and I know my girl Taylor would agree!!

I had just started following Taylor on YouTube and IG about a year prior to Balance being created and launched. However, what has kept me in this Balance family is the genuine connection I have felt being in this family and the transformative action behind Balance’s mission and vision.

Wow, this is such a tough question for me because there’s endless things that I adore about Balance. I would have to say my favorite thing is how Chloe, Taylor and Steve have worked hard to establish a community that uplifts and affirms all identities. As a Black woman, I feel seen and truly valued in this community. Thank you to the entire Balance family for ensuring that this mission is sustained in all you do!

To me balance is a lifestyle. It is a daily recommitment to be intentional with what I give my energy to and how I choose to respond to things in life. Balance is knowing that it’s not what happens to us but it’s how we choose to respond that makes all the difference. As a person who struggles with anxiety, I know some days will be harder than others but with true intention, patience and continuous self love, I am able to find my balance. I practice giving myself grace in situations and I allow myself the opportunity to recommit to my efforts to be aligned spiritually, mentally and physically.

An experience that has defined who I am is taking the leap to share my fitness journey on IG. I didn’t see myself truly represented in the fitness world so I became the change I wanted to see. Over the past year and a half that I have been sharing my journey, I have experienced a renewed sense of self and to be myself unapologetically. Through sharing my truth, I have grown to appreciate who I am and what I’m capable of without the strongholds of fictitious standards of beauty.

I absolutely love how Balance has highlighted being intentional because that’s my exact goal this year. I have come to learn that life is so precious and there’s no time to waste. This year I made the decision to return to the classroom as a 3rd grade teacher because that is the calling on my life and how I’m meant to serve. I have chosen to walk in my purpose with intention on a daily basis so I can make a positive impact in this world. So far, I believe this intention has allowed me to truly reach others around me and to empower them to walk in their purpose as well one step at a time.

My intentions have remained the same but how I originally planned to reach them has adjusted. I have been able to honestly reflect on what’s possible. Right now, my mindset has shifted to realizing that the unthinkable things can happen and that nothing is too far fetched.

I would tell myself that no matter what, you are more than enough. After years of doubting yourself and not feeling worthy remember that you have a story worth sharing. You have a truth worth living. You have ideas that matter. You will experience unimaginable pain that will ignite your fire to be yourself and to own who you are proudly. Just keep going.

I have always wanted to use my voice to share that in a world where we are constantly told what we’re not, there is so much opportunity to disrupt that narrative. I want to encourage anyone reading this that you were not placed on this earth to just exist, but you have purpose to truly impact this world. No matter how big or how small, you can make a difference. Know in your heart that who you are matters. Be the change that you want to see in this world and know that being yourself is so much more than you could ever imagine. Be kind to yourself, trust yourself and don’t allow anyone to define your worth. 

Have someone in mind who should be our next BFF? Send a DM to @balanceathletica. We cannot wait to get to know our Balance Fam better!

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