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Balance Fam Feature

Balance Fam Feature - Vitality

BFF #3 - Lindsey, Tonya, & Ashlyn

Balance Fam,

It’s time for another Balance Fam Feature (BFF) – a blog series that recognizes the incredible individuals within our Balance Community. This time, we’re highlighting not one, but three individuals that showcase just how special our community is.

Introducing Lindsey, Tonya, and Ashlyn: our December BFFs who inspire us with their kindness, energy, and devotion to spreading positivity and self-love.  

Lindsey and Tonya are a mother-daughter fitness duo, while Ashlyn is a self-love advocate. Their favorite thing about Balance? The diverse, empowering, and uplifting Balance community (YOU). ❤️

Ashlyn: I’ve always been a huge fan girl of Taylor. When I saw that Taylor, Chloe and Steve were creating an athleisure brand, I freaked out. I love everything that the Balance family stands for. From the time and effort they put into each launch, to creating quality pieces, to engaging with their Balance supporters, to giving back to the community. They truly embody what a real family is.

Lindsey: The inclusivity is beyond what I could have ever imagined. The community is so supportive and uplifting. I am so much more confident in who I am as a person on the inside and the out.

Tonya: I love the way they include every shape, size, and color. I love the way they always give back to different charities each launch. That makes it even more amazing to support this amazing brand. I love how they strive for success in each and every person who joins the community.

Ashlyn: To me, balance means taking all aspects of your life and becoming one with them. We are not meant to have life all figured out. It’s about showing up and doing your best everyday, no matter what obstacles are thrown in your path

Lindsey: I personally have gone and am still going through an eating disorder. When I found out I had an eating disorder my life changed forever. If I didn’t get the help from friends and didn’t find Balance I don’t know where I would be today. I hated going through it, but I believe I am stronger and found who I really am through the process.

Tonya: When my mother passed away I went into a depression and I did not care about anything and let myself go. I’ve learned that it is okay to grieve but don’t let it change who you are as a person. Life goes on and just because my mom has passed away, she will always be in my heart.

Ashlyn: One of my new year intentions is to be better with planning out my days and creating a more consistent routine. Majority of the time, my days are all over the place so I would like to have a little more structure. I am manifesting it.

Lindsey: I set many goals throughout the year. My intentions have changed to just finding myself and not letting anyone get in the way. I want to enjoy every moment of life even through the bad days.

Tonya: My intentions have changed to work on how I feel rather than what the scale says. I have learned to track my process by what the mirror shows me. I have set smaller goals instead of big one’s I never met.

Lindsey: If I could go back and tell my 12 year old self anything, I would tell her to not worry so much about your appearance. The least important aspect of you is your weight. Enjoy life and never give up. Also, don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

Tonya: Believe in yourself no matter what. Don’t let others dictate your mood or your outlook on life. Always follow your dreams no matter what. You can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.

Ashlyn: I’ve always wanted to use my voice to express how important it is to love yourself and your body. Sometimes we get so caught up in society's definition of beautiful that we forget to take a look in the mirror and appreciate who we are and what we were given.

Have someone in mind who should be our next BFF? Send a DM to @balanceathletica. We cannot wait to get to know our Balance Fam better!

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