Balancing the Ebbs & Flows of Life– Vitality

Balancing the Ebbs & Flows of Life

Balancing the Ebbs & Flows of Life

Through it all, may we always find that balance.

 Life is balanced by ebbs and flows. 
There will be moments of pure joy–that feeling of being on top of the world.
There will also be periods of trying times–where it seems the weight of the world is now on your shoulders.

 We understand that right now life seems to be more frequently leaning towards the latter. We’re facing hardship, we’re facing loss, and we’re facing uncertainty. But without all of the moments of pure joy in our lives, these experiences wouldn’t feel so heavy. And without adversity, that top-of-the-world feeling wouldn’t be as joyful.

 In order to reap the benefits of the flows, we must not only push through, but learn from the tough waves that are the ebbs. Together, we will overcome. 

Take this time to reflect on where you are versus where you’ve been. Chances are, there was once a wave that knocked you completely off of your feet. Giving you the feeling of being carried so far out into the ocean, there’s no way you’d make it back to the safety of the shore. Yet, you did it. You overcame what felt daunting, regardless of the obstacles you once saw. Reflect on how far you’ve come since then, and know that you will continue to make leaps and bounds moving forward.
It just takes time.

 Even if you can’t see it now, trust that where each challenge
is guiding you, that is where you are meant to be.
The unknown may feel unsettling, but it is essential for your growth.
Embrace the ebbs and the flows will follow.

Even when faced with hardship, you are also faced with opportunities. Opportunities to grow in ways you typically wouldn’t, develop skills you’ve been wanting to improve on, and focus on what truly matters. The ebbs of life aren’t here to test you, but
to better you. By viewing these current circumstances as opportunities, you will then open the doors to that much more growth towards your future.

 Practice patience, practice kindness, and practice positivity.
Focus on yourself, focus on your community, and above all,
focus on the big picture.

While it’s important to stay present and grounded, don’t let yourself forget this too shall pass. Some days will be easier to face than others, but no matter what, you must look beyond your current situation. Staying positive isn’t always synonymous with feeling happiness. Sometimes, it serves as a reminder that even during the hardest of times, you know that
better days lie ahead. Envision the future with hope, and you will become more prepared to reach it. 

 When you feel yourself going against the current, remember this:
Nothing is permanent. The clouds will pass and light will pour back into your life.
Your struggles are only temporary, but the way you face them could benefit you forever. 

 Let us face adversity with peace of mind, knowing that it is only temporary. 
Before you know it, this will just be another memory of a time you persevered. 

In the meantime, ride the wave and adjust your response– your reaction is where the real power lies.

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