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Create Your Oasis

Create Your Oasis - Vitality

Take this year’s growth and cultivate something bigger than yourself.

We’ve been pushed, we’ve been tested, and we’ve been challenged. But sometimes our greatest and most necessary growth comes from the most strenuous hurdles. Maybe everything we’re being faced with was the wake up call we needed to get up and make a change. Rather than sitting and waiting for the world to go back to the way it was, let’s strive to make a change in our daily lives for the betterment of our being and our community as a whole, and in turn, create our own oasis along the way.

In order to create an oasis, you must choose a path that leads with change. Be aware and take note of the needs necessary for this journey through life, because the oasis you create could connect to love, money, affection, or rest. Cultivate the environment, community, and resources that you can turn to when in need of that sense of oasis. With this you will find where change can be made.

Along your journey, you will be faced with internal and external struggles. We each are fighting different battles, but the difference is that the internal ones are personal to your specific circumstances which you can work through to ultimately resolve on your own. The external ones, however, are more universal. They are societal issues that communities are facing, but without the support of others, they cannot be mended.  

When battling too much at once, it can be difficult to find a sense of peace within your oasis. What happens around us directly affects what happens within us.
That is why it’s important to acknowledge your surroundings as much as you acknowledge your struggles.  

Don’t forget to also recognize the aspects of your surroundings that aid in your growth, and make a point to acknowledge those parts just as often as you do the parts you’d like to change. Rely on them to be your relief from the day to day struggles you face.  

Then, write it ALL down. Note the challenges you’re having internally as well as externally. Then face them head on, one thing at a time, and you’re sure to see positive changes happening not only around you, but within you.

When you take time to write things down, you are giving yourself time to reflect. So when striving to make a change, you must first look back and recognize what actions you’ve been taking and how you will need to adjust to get closer to the changes you seek.  

What differences do you plan to make in the process of creating your oasis? 

Think back to the beginning of this year. Reflect on your priorities, your goals, your ambitions and compare them to today’s mindset. We’ve faced more in just a few months than we’re used to facing in years, but for some, these battles may not feel as foreign. So with that, choose your next step. Choose where you feel change is most important and act on it.

No matter where you are in life, there is always room for growth–the first step is choosing your direction and sticking to it.

Acknowledging your battles and reflecting on your growth will set you in the right direction to not only create change, but cultivate a life where you’ll thrive. 

In order to truly feel a sense of oasis, you must carefully select the assets you’ll want to help make up your surroundings. With a clearer sense of direction, you can create the change that will blossom into a thriving atmosphere. 

This is where you find your peace, your balance, and your oasis. 

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