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Creating Harmony in the World

Creating Harmony in the World

Through celebration, acceptance, and empowerment of others.

You’ve pursued harmony within.
You’ve created harmony in your environment.
You’ve pursued harmony in life.
Now, it’s time to create harmony in the world. 

Learning and celebrating different cultures, walks of life, and ways of thinking is one of the very pillars Balance stands on. Being open to hearing opinions of others, voicing your beliefs without attempting to push them upon anyone else, and acknowledging how we are all the same in so many ways are the first steps to creating a more harmonious world.

 To be in harmony with the world is to be in agreement, even when in disagreement. To understand that, while some views and beliefs may not line up, our end goal is the same: 
we all want what we believe is best for the world. 

The beauty of life is that each and every person possesses differences that create harmony. Your thoughts, your experiences, your aspirations–these are all made to set you apart from others. They are what make you unique. They encompass who you are.
Can you imagine how boring it would be if every one of us was the same in every way?

Just like your being is different from others, so is the harmony that you contribute. It’s time we celebrate our differences for a harmonious world.

 Empower those around you. 
Educate yourself. 
Be open-minded. 
Ask questions. 
Embrace diversity. 

In order to create harmony in the world, we must celebrate all who make up the world.

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