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Creating Harmony in Your Environment

Creating Harmony in Your Environment

Insight from Balance Owner (& Design Queen) Chloe Chaimberlain.

Now that you’ve created harmony within, start creating harmony in your environment: your home. By using the psychology of interior design, you can easily become more comfortable in your home. Small changes to colors, layout, and fabrics can easily improve your mood and evoke positive feelings. With home being where we all spend most of our time, it’s important to create an environment that helps you flourish so you can bring that sense of harmony into the outside world.

For this blog, we spoke with Balance owner & design queen Chloe Chaimberlain on her thought process when it comes to design, creating a “home away from home” for the Balance team, and how you can apply that to your individual spaces.

Designing a space should center around the experience of the user. You have to put yourself in the shoes of that individual and imagine what it’s like to live in the space. To walk in the door, to brew a cup of coffee, and to sit in a gathering area, for example. What feelings does this evoke? Comfort, excitement, decadence – if you design around a desired feeling, you always have a vision and direction to move toward. Every individual detail may go unnoticed from the outside looking in, but the experience as a whole is what sets the tone and conveys a message.”

“Here at Balance HQ, I wanted to communicate “you are appreciated here; This is a place for growth and community” with our team. From a micro scale, providing them with many healthy snack and drink options, building a “library” with developmental, motivating, and intriguing fictional stories, and curating the experience by making it all functional and beautiful. From a macro standpoint, the office uses “biophilic” design by bringing elements of nature into our workspace to promote harmony and creativity. We do this by letting in as much natural light as possible and incorporating many organic elements into the space. The moss wall as the centerpiece, giant plant features, live edge wood, and a rich organic color pallet bring a connection to nature that we all, as humans, crave. The layout of the workspace promotes human connection as well by giving each person a designated spot at a larger group table rather than separated cubicles. It truly has been about finding the perfect balance between comfort and productivity, personal space and community.

“These ideas can be utilized for any imagined space. Consider the experience and create an enriching environment that communicates your intent. Use light, organic elements, and intentional spaces to fulfill your human needs for connection to nature and each other. Be artistic yet practical with your material and placement choices, and pursue the balance between beauty and functionality.

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