Don’t Fight The Current– Vitality

Don’t Fight The Current

Don’t Fight The Current

Instead, let us learn to embrace the uncertainty and ride the waves.


We’re in this together, Balance Fam.

For the first time in a long time, we’re facing a difficult current as a global community. Tough and unpredictable, this current has left us in a whirlwind of upsetting emotions.

You deserve to feel these emotions in a time as sensitive as this.

You have every right to feel the sorrow,
but, even more so, you deserve to feel happiness again.
Although this is a difficult, uncertain time, there is so much good we cannot neglect to see. It may be hard to see any sort of positive in this situation, but we assure you, with the bad comes the good, and there is so much of it. Let us show you.

Yes, we are being confined to a new norm,
but with it, we are learning the true gravity of gratitude. We are being reminded of all that we should be thankful for, which is something that can be taken for granted.

Yes, our lives are being forced to slow down through social distancing,
but we are being granted more time to spend and connect with our loved ones whether that’s in person, over the phone, through facetime, or on social media. We’re strengthening the relationships we hold so dear that we normally lose sight of amidst a busy lifestyle.

Yes, we are left to spend much of our lives at home now,
but we are being given the opportunity of more free time, where we can do the things we’ve wanted to do but always used the “I don’t have time” excuse for. That means more time to read the books you forgot you were in the middle of, more time to dive into the online courses or tutorials you’ve been eyeing, and more time to dedicate to taking care of yourself – body, mind, and soul.

Yes, we cannot predict the immediate future of our community,
but if we focus on doing what’s best for right now, we can more quickly benefit the future of our global community as a whole. We’ve been shown that this is something that cannot be taken care of by a certain group or a certain location. We have to band together as a national and global community in order to defeat this pandemic. 

Rather than fighting this current, let’s face it with open minds,
compassionate hearts, and hope, together.
In doing so, we will discover happiness and we will overcome.

As we learn to navigate this new norm, remember that it is okay to not feel okay. This is a shift that will take some adjusting, but in order to be more at ease, we must open our hearts up to acceptance. The more we fight it, the harder it will be. Our old normal will still be there when this all passes.

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