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Elements: The Building Blocks of Life

Elements: The Building Blocks of Life - Vitality

Create a foundation of balance, one element at a time

Elements: the building blocks of life dictating the world around us, and within us. Each element possesses its own unique properties, forming the building blocks of who we are and fueling us to reach our highest selves. But when we fuel one element while neglecting another, we risk placing too much of our energy into the wrong area, knocking us off-balance and setting us off-course. To become our best selves, we need to build a foundation, placing our energy into the essential building blocks of who we are. Fuel each element, create a foundation of balance, and reach your best, truest self. 

There are three primary elements, or building blocks, of a higher-self foundation that deserve your attention and energy above all else.

 The first is your personal health and the three aspects of it: physical, mental, and emotional. Above all else, your health – how you feel physically, how you feel emotionally, and the thoughts you have – dictates your life’s trajectory. When you’re not feeling your best, negative thoughts roam freely and your emotional state dips low. All aspects are interconnected and if one pillar is out of whack, the rest can’t function properly. 

To strengthen this element, focus on YOU, knowing that it is more than okay to act selfishly when it comes to your own well-being. Set aside time each day to direct energy into your physical, mental, and emotional health. Get some movement and/or exercise in each day, give yourself moments to meditate and connect with your feelings, surround yourself with both individuals and content that uplift and bring you joy, and fuel your body with the nutrition it needs. Your health is unique to you, so how you care for this aspect of yourself may look different than another’s method, but as long as you’re doing all that you can to ensure your emotional, physical, and mental well-being, you’re providing this element the strength it needs to carry you higher.  

Our health dictates our motivation to be our best and our desire to fuel the other elements of ourselves. If we’re not caring for this aspect, the other building blocks cannot form properly and our foundation simply cannot form securely. So, take care of yourself. If a habit or activity is putting your health at risk, nix it! Yes, we need to push ourselves in order to grow, but never at the risk of our welfare. You are in control of your personal wellness – don’t forget that.

Then, there’s knowledge, the second foundational element. This includes traditional intelligence, but also emotional intelligence, tying it closely to emotional health. If we are to grow into our highest, best selves, we continuously need to expand our knowledge in a multitude of ways. We must tune into our own feelings and emotions, learning more about the signs our bodies give us when we’re stressed and drained as well as when we’re our happiest, most energized selves. We must seek knowledge in the world around us – learning from the lives and experiences of others and learning how to treat others – with love, compassion, and kindness. 

The goal is to expand your mind and to experience as much as possible, learning from yourself by reflecting and looking within and learning from others by immersing yourself in situations that will force you to grow into a better version of you. Is there a topic you’re curious about? Go ahead and fuel that curiosity! Research it, read about it, listen to a podcast. To boost your emotional intelligence, connect with others frequently, in and out of your circle, to better learn how others think, feel, and act. We could all improve our communication skills these days – take the time to get to know others and fuel the compassion and understanding within you.

When it comes to expanding our knowledge, there is no limit to how much education you can consume. Just ensure you’re consuming wisely, fueling this element with knowledge that will lift you higher and help you progress.

Lastly, our values – inherent and/or learned over time – are integral to who we are as individuals and guide us in becoming who we are meant to be. And when it comes to rising to our highest selves, the values of connection, love, and happiness intertwine to lift us up and act as a guiding light. 

Fueling these values, especially during these trying times, isn’t always easy, but putting in that extra effort is undeniably worth it in the long run. So reach out, choose your happiness over the stresses of the day, and hold love in your heart, no matter what comes your way. Aim to connect with a friend or loved one each day to build that relationship and maintain the connections you value the most. Choose to do at least one thing (but hopefully many!) each day that makes you happy, fueling that element so you can bring joy with you throughout the day. 

Start focusing on yourself today. If you are to form the building blocks for your best life, you need to choose YOU and fuel each element of yourself that brings you the most happiness and fulfillment. Build that foundation for your highest self – strengthen your overall health, expand your knowledge, and reinforce your values – and you’ll find yourself living in your element, every single day.

A solid foundation, fueled with love, joy, and light, is near impossible to break. 

More tips on how to build a foundation for your life by strengthening each fundamental element can be found in last week’s blog post:

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