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ElevateU 2021 Kickoff

ElevateU 2021 Kickoff

Guidelines, Motivation & More

Focus on both mental & physical balance by utilizing our ElevateU tracker:

No phone for the first 30 min of the day
Adhere to a morning routine
Achieve 1 hour of movement a day
Drink 1 gallon of water
Complete your nutrition goals
Stretch for 10 minutes before bed
Get 7-8 hours of sleep

Starting week 2, we will be introducing a bonus challenge of the week to add to the daily criteria. These extra challenges will align with areas of our lives that we can always work to improve!

Complete your challenge goals each week and tag us (@balanceathletica) in your IG post updates along with the hashtag #ElevateU for a chance to win a prize each week! 

Good Luck, Balance Fam! Let’s crush these next six weeks.

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