ElevateU: The Homestretch– Vitality

ElevateU: The Homestretch

ElevateU: The Homestretch

Cross that finish line, then keep going

The final week of ElevateU is here! Congrats to each and every one of you for taking on – and crushing – five weeks of physical and mental challenges. We’re so proud of not just how far you have come in this journey, but also the support and positivity you’ve shown each other along the way. Needless to say, we truly are a Balance Family and we’re so grateful to have such inspiring individuals among us. Let’s bring that supportive environment with us over these final days and all the way through the finish line!

While the challenge may be coming to an end, our hope is that you’ve built new, lasting habits that you can keep incorporating into your daily lives. Below are a few reminders to help you maintain each new habit:

Continue to move your body daily
While one hour of movement may be second nature at this point, it is okay to switch things up a bit and throw in a shorter workout – or split the one hour into smaller sections – going forward. Your body craves movement and needs it to thrive (as does your mind!). Keep moving and grooving each day and continue to reap those feel-good benefits movement brings.

Make a nutritious diet a priority
We can all agree that a nutritious diet has loads of benefits, but sticking with healthy, nutritious meals – plus a hefty water intake goal – every day of the week can be a challenge. Rest easy knowing we’re all in the same boat and that sometimes you just have to go out and LIVE – try new things, grab that take-out meal, and simply enjoy all that life has to offer. Going forward, use the lessons you learned from accomplishing your ElevateU nutrition goals to help you create balance in your eating habits. Try sticking with what you’ve been doing during the week, then give yourself some leeway over the weekends. Alternatively, adopt an 80/20 rule that keeps you on track in nutritious habits 80% of the time. Test out new strategies that will help you live the most balanced life possible. 

Focus on being in the present moment
This overarching theme was the basis for the meditation and “no-phone” challenges these past six weeks. We live in a time of “go-go-go,” one that revolves around screens and comparison rather than genuine, in-person connection – with others and ourselves. Keep setting aside time for yourself and to be in the present moment. You deserve the chance to tune into your thoughts, feelings, and desires. This will help guide you throughout your life toward your very best self. Plus, nothing compares to genuine human connection – truly listening to one another, being present with each other, and experiencing life together rather than through a screen or apps. Keep this in mind and experience the mental and emotional benefits living in the moment will bring.

Prioritize your needs
At the end of this challenge, our main hope is that you’ve come to realize just how important you and your needs are. If we are to be our best for others, we need to first become our best for ourselves. So, just as you’ve done throughout the challenge, make yourself a priority from here on out. Keep up your self-care routine, give yourself the rest and fulfillment you need, and do what makes YOU happy as often as you can. You deserve to be a priority in your own life. Don’t ever forget that. 

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