Enduring the Storms– Vitality

Enduring the Storms

Enduring the Storms

And finding the light that shines through them

The Atmos Collection, short for “atmosphere,” is inspired by storms of all kinds. At first read, wind, desert, and thunderstorms may come to mind, but Atmos was inspired by much more than that. We experience storms every day: externally facing the challenges of the world, and internally, juggling our values, wants, and emotions. And it is the storms we experience in our lives that ultimately shape us into better versions of ourselves. But that’s only if we choose to endure the storms with strength and acceptance, rather than allowing the storms to overcome us. 

As we know, enduring storms with strength and positivity isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a challenge that requires continuous recommitment to ourselves and to others in order to push through. What helps us is to look back at how far we’ve come, at the struggles we’ve overcome and the battles we’ve won, and to reflect on the mentality and the connections that helped us get through the hardest of times. These are your rays of light amid the clouds.

Here is our advice to you:

It's easy for some challenges to cloud your vision, making you feel like it’s impossible to overcome the situation at hand. Though it may seem like the struggle you're facing is dire, far worse than what you’ve experienced in the past, take a moment to pause, breathe deeply, and think. Think about all that you’ve overcome: the small hurdles, the large, and every one in between. Think about your role models, your peers, your family–think about how they’ve reacted to and overcome the challenges they’ve faced. Give yourself a moment, whenever you feel like the worst is upon you, to pause and reflect.

What you’ll find are methods of coping with adversity: ones that inspire you to push through with strength and confidence. Choose the route of strength and you’ll find that you are so much more powerful than you ever thought possible. You’ll begin to see the light that was always there, even in the darkest storms–you just had to pause and seek it. It’s this mindset shift that allows for doors to open and for positive opportunities to present themselves. Keep your mind and outlook closed, and those doors will remain just that. 

You have the strength to make it through any storm that comes your way, you simply need to believe in yourself and that good and light are around the corner. Allow your past, and those around you, to remind you of the strength you hold within.

Once you find that strength to endure, hold on to it tightly and do not let go. When you feel yourself start to slip, remember to grasp that desire in your heart to keep going. From the depths in which that strength was found, you will also find your truest self and the values you hold dearly. These values are what have allowed for you to have hope in the first place. 

Examine the values that act as your source of strength. They may include family, honesty, loyalty, or even optimism... your reasons for motivation and resilience through the storm are unique to you, but relatable to all. If these values inspired you to endure, they will inspire others as well. Use your source of motivation to inspire others who are enduring the storm with you, or maybe even storms of their own. This can be done simply by spreading your values: spreading optimism through a positive mindset and positive talk or reminding others to remain hopeful for better days through kind, loving actions. Lead by example, through your actions and your words, and you’ll find your special source of strength will not only grow in power for you, but towards others as well. 

The storms we experience in our lives are not meant for us to endure alone. Although it may seem this way at first, we weren’t placed on this planet to live in seclusion. We’re all intertwined, greatly impacted by one another and meant to love each other through the good times and the bad. When things get tough and you start to feel like no one else would understand, reach out to someone you love. You’ll be surprised how often others can relate. 

Your loved ones are there for you–always and unconditionally–to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and to guide you through the darkness. Because chances are they’ve experienced storms of their own and they’ve felt the same emotions you’re currently feeling. Allow others to see your vulnerable self and to be a shoulder to lean on. They may not have the answers you need, but they will be there to remind you of your strength, to help you see all that you’ve already overcome, and to inspire you with positivity and love to keep going. 

But sometimes, our loved ones–or our closest family and friends–aren’t the ones who can help us through the darkest storms. Today, we are more intertwined as a world than ever, with social media and advanced forms of communication connecting us all. You may find that your closest confidants simply do not understand the struggle you’re facing in its entirety, though they offer you love and support nonetheless. In those times when you need understanding and relatability more than anything, look to those who are experiencing similar storms and taking positive action. Connect with them, let them inspire you to find the light in your situation, and allow them to guide you in creating the positive change you need to endure your storm.

 Once you’ve reconnected with your strength and positive mindset, return the favor. Be that source of inspiration for others, showing them that it is possible to weather the storm. If you do this, you’ll endure the storms together–as a community, rooted in a combined strength and an improved hope. There is power in numbers, and when our efforts combine for good, anything is possible. 

Find your tribe, lean on each other, and keep going. Believe in yourself and you will make it through, coming out stronger and better on the other side. The light is just over the horizon–don’t lose sight of it.

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