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Express Yourself

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We’ve all heard the saying, “express yourself without limitation,” but that can be easier said than done. With this in mind, we’re sharing our best tips to help you express your individuality in all aspects of life – from your style to the way you speak. Check it out below!

The easiest way to express yourself? Through your personal style. For ages, style has been used to express personalities, current moods, rebellion, even political statements – all with the goal of sharing who you are and what you stand for. It provides a sense of power and control over one’s self, a freedom to be whoever you want to be, and a chance to stand out from the crowd. What you choose to wear is exactly that – a choice – and one that only you can make. So, make the decision to wear what you want and let it reflect the real you. This doesn’t mean your style has to be bold or daring; if you love subtlety or simplicity, go ahead and rock that! Or, if vibrant and creative is more your vibe, embrace that. As long as you feel confident, beautiful, and true to you in what you’re wearing, you’ve accomplished self-expression through style.

This is perhaps the most integral form of self-expression. Your voice, both internal and external, reflects who you are now and who you want to be. It is a gateway to YOU – your feelings, beliefs, and the intricacies within you – that only you have complete control over. And this voice of yours deserves to be shared freely. If you’ve been hesitant to speak up or out, here’s your push to let your voice be heard. Share what is on your mind. Speak your goals and aspirations into existence. Let your thoughts and feelings be known. You may not realize it now, but the world needs to hear what you have to say; it needs to experience the individual perspective, ideas, and talents that only you can offer. 

Most importantly, you need to share your voice just as much as the world needs you to share it. In doing so you’ll free yourself from any previous restraints that you or society has put in place, allowing you to reach your truest self, see your potential through, and reap all the benefits that freedom of self brings. As a start, focus on your internal dialogue to ensure the way you speak to yourself builds confidence, positivity, and self-assurance. 

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Our final tip: express your individuality through your actions. This spans from how you act when no one is watching to who you surround yourself with. Your actions are a direct reflection of you – whether it be your individuality or what you’re feeling in the moment – so it is important to be mindful of the message we are sending (to both ourselves and others). First, pay attention to the way you act while alone. For the real you to thrive, the same care you show others needs to be directed toward yourself. Are you doing the best you can for yourself? Taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional needs? If not, make the necessary changes to ensure that you’re caring for yourself as a whole. Self care allows for greater self expression in the long run. (We’ll go into greater detail on this in next week’s blog!)

Next, ask yourself who you want to be in this world. Do you want to be the real you or a false version of you? Our hope is that you choose to show your true self, because peace and power are found in letting your individuality reign freely. Once you’ve made your decision, examine the way you act around others and who these “others'' really are. Not only should your circle reflect you, but they should bring out – and support – your individuality as a whole. If you’re unable to be your true self, an adjustment has to be made. Maybe it is your own fear holding you back, or maybe the people around you simply aren’t meant for you. Whatever the case, open up to others, gauge their reaction, and if they won’t support you as an individual, move along and find your true tribe. 

Our ultimate goal for you is to find your freedom and recognize the power in being YOU. Express yourself without limitation and in all that you do. 

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