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Grow with the Changes

Grow with the Changes

Make the Most of this Season of Transition

Tis’ the season for chill air, colorful leaves, apple cider, and embracing change

Autumn is here and in full swing, bringing relief from the summer heat, a beacon to slow down, and a chance for renewal – to dive headfirst back into a routine and refocus on ourselves. But none of this – the seasonal activities, regaining of structure, or beautiful scenes – is possible without one integral catalyst: change. 

Change, although essential, can be a scary thing. With it comes uncertainty and feelings of loss – of control, precious moments, even comfort – and for those of us who thrive on stability, change can be difficult to accept. But without it, we’d miss out on some of the most amazing things in life: beauty, growth, opportunity, and progression. So just as we accept the changing leaves as summer turns to fall, we need to embrace the transitions in our own lives if we are to move forward. Why? Because so many bests – best days, best moments, best versions of ourselves – are ahead, just waiting for us to reach them.

Our hope for you this season is to resist the urge to maintain and allow yourself not only to flow with the changes but grow with them. Doing this requires a shift in mentality from hesitation to anticipation that comes with the realization that there isn’t anything to fear. Change is both inevitable and necessary, and once we come to terms with this, we can release doubt, fear, and worry, allowing true growth to occur. 

To adopt this mindset, practice the art of letting go. This doesn’t mean to sit back and watch as life transitions in front of you. Instead, let change and challenges happen, pull lessons from each, and move forward with a renewed perspective. Doing so allows you to create a new beginning and make the most of whatever life throws your way. And, in effect, helps you regain a sense of control. You’ve chosen to allow change to occur and you’ve chosen to make the most of it rather than idly go with the flow. Rest at ease knowing you have more control than you may realize; make the decision for yourself to actively participate in this time of change. 

Once you do, use this season to progress. Look back on the past months with gratitude, but also with an eye of scrutiny. Where did you succeed? Where could you improve? What did you learn? Use this examination as you plan your transition forward, mapping out your next steps toward your personal goals and becoming your best. We can’t reach all that is meant for us unless we’re carving a path forward, embracing the challenges that come, and making each day better than yesterday. Make this transition for yourself. Welcome this season, participate in your life’s changes, and grow into the person you’re meant to be. We’ll be right here cheering you on along the way. 


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