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Harmony Collection Is Here + How To Be WELL

Harmony Collection Is Here + How To Be WELL

It’s about that time, Balance Fam!

We’ve officially revealed our 4th collection of the year (what!?) and yes, there will be shorts!

Introducing the Harmony Collection - inspired by the calming and serene tones of sunrise; the transition from night to day when the sun wakes and the moon sleeps.

Included in this collection will be:

Your incredibly positive feedback on this collection reveal means THE WORLD, and we CANNOT WAIT to show you the rest of the Harmony Collection

If you’ve been following along with Balance, you know that this week we started our 6-week #ElevateU series. In this, we are committing to putting ourselves and our wellness as first priority

With overall wellness being such a strong focus for anyone who decides to participate in this series, we thought we would take a moment to focus on what it really means to live well.

 According to Aristotle, the end goal of life is to live well and find happiness. Obtaining moderation of these 3 areas of life will allow us to do just that.

A guide to the meaning of wellness, from Balance’s perspective:

In order to live a happy, full life, we must find our own balance. The three areas we strive to find balance in are health/fitness, nutrition, and social/personal development. Thriving in only two of these areas isn’t truly balance. By putting too much focus in one area over another, we aren’t living a full life. This is why we must shift focus to all of what makes life good rather than just a part of it.

To us, Balance means moderation.

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