Harmony Pricing Reveal and the Magic of Small Habits– Vitality

Harmony Pricing Reveal and the Magic of Small Habits

Harmony Pricing Reveal and the Magic of Small Habits

Hey Balance Fam,

As we wrap up the second week of #ElevateU, we wanted to take some time to reflect on how our team’s been feeling since beginning the series!

As you know, we created this series to bring wellness habits back into our busy lives. We’re happy to share that, as a whole, our team is already feeling the benefits this early on! 

From decreases in stress and anxiety to increases in clarity, intent, and positivity throughout the day, these are just a few of the ways our lives have been elevated already.

Since making an effort to incorporate these six small, healthy habits into our lives, we’ve begun to see big changes. It’s amazing how spending a little more time focusing on our personal well-being can dramatically benefit us in our daily lives!

Wellness is an important aspect of life and many of us put it aside because of how busy our lives get. By putting greater focus on ourselves first, we’re able to smash out the rest of the day with much more energy, gratitude, and positivity!

If you’ve chosen to accompany us in the #ElevateU Series, we want to know:


We’ve revealed so much already, but we’re not done yet! We still have a few more surprises for this collection coming your way, Balance Fam.

For now, here are the prices for the pieces launching in the Harmony Collection:


In case you missed it, here’s all that we’ve revealed so far.



Our Vegas Pop-Up Shop is coming up quickly, we can’t believe we’re officially 4 weeks away!! 

This is an event you won’t want to miss because you will:

- Be the first to see/shop the newest collection
- Have the chance to meet the Owners & Balance crew
- Be able to connect with our Balance Leaders, most of our Members, and a few surprise guests
Meet your fellow Balance family

If you plan on attending our debut event, please be sure to RSVP below!

 We can’t wait to meet you all!!

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