In Her Element – Part 1 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

In Her Element – Part 1

In Her Element – Part 1

An empowerment series featuring our Elite Leaders

As another way to honor Women’s Month and the powerful women in our community, we asked our Elite Leaders to share with us, and the whole Balance family, what it is that makes them feel empowered, and their best advice for finding one’s own empowerment.

For some, starting their own business brought them unparalleled empowerment, and they chose to share their tips for turning a passion into a career. For others, their empowerment came from journeying to find their true selves, following their passions and ditching preconceived notions of who they should be along the way. 

Our hope is that their stories and advice will resonate with you and inspire you to find your empowerment, knowing that others have – and still are – finding theirs alongside you.

Anissia takes us through her journey of following her true passion, and details how you can find and follow your passion, too. Anissia found her passion in creating content and connecting with YOU, her Balance Fam and following. She encourages everyone to stay in their own lane, and to try your best not to concern yourself with what other people think. Surround yourself with people who consistently support you, and if you are happy with what you’re doing, make it a priority and keep on doing it! Your joy is the most important, and following your passion will bring you so much joy. 

Carly-Ann dives into the titles we either place on ourselves, or others may place on us – as a mother, a business woman, a student, an athlete, etc. – and how these titles can become our identity or source of validation. She details her experience moving away for college and, in the process, losing the titles she held growing up. This led to a journey in which she found who she truly was and what her passions were, defying any expectations she had held for herself, and finding that just being her was more than enough. You don’t need a title in order to feel validated – you can wear as many hats as you want, and your titles can shift day to day.

Does your passion include dreams of starting your own business?

Chloe talks about how she started her own business, Bicah by Chloe, after finding a gap in the fitness equipment available for women. She did this while working a full-time job, and quickly turned it into a career for both herself and her fiancé. Her initial pieces of advice? First, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and out of your element – that feeling means you are growing and learning. Second, be patient as starting a business is a process.

Paige shares what makes her feel the most in her Element and most empowered as a woman, plus how the two go hand-in-hand. For Paige, empowerment is all about finding what your “elements” are – the aspects of you and your life that bring the most joy and fulfillment – and fully embracing them. Because when you find your element(s), you find the freedom to be authentically, confidently you. 

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