In Her Element – Part 2– Vitality

In Her Element – Part 2

In Her Element – Part 2

Recapping the Elite Leader Empowerment Series

Over the course of Women’s History Month, our Balance Elite Leaders shared their journeys through Instagram stories and lives. Their hope? To inspire you to follow your passions and become your most empowered self. Each revealed the steps they took to chase their dreams, how they found their power, and how they now spread that empowerment – to each aspect of their lives, and to others as well.

Read on to discover how Danyele created an empire through her passions, how Holley finds purpose in seasons of uncertainty, and how Bailey’s physical strength empowers the rest of her life. 

Danyele shares how she transitioned out of her role in corporate marketing and into what she does today: living her passion. She explains how nothing truly prepares you to quit your job to pursue your passion, regardless of how much you set yourself up for the transition. But, no matter what your passion is, if you choose to follow it and make it a priority, you will find your fulfillment and true happiness. And that is being successful. Danyele embarked on a journey to fall in love with her passions again, fueling the part of her that made her feel most like herself – the athlete in her – and now she helps others do the same.

 (Teaser: Her first tip? Know your WHY.)

Holley completely uprooted her life – stepping away from her nursing job and moving across the country – to follow her heart, embracing the unknown and the challenges that came her way head-on. She felt a desire to experience something new, something that would set her soul on fire. Though she didn’t know exactly what that thing was at the time, she knew in her heart that standing still wouldn’t help her find the happiness and the purpose she craved. Holley explains that there is a reason for every season in our lives, and that times of uncertainty are okay; they bring growth and opportunity, taking us one step closer to where we’re supposed to be.
Whether you’re in a transitional season yourself, or in need of a little motivation to take that leap of faith:

Bailey feels her most empowered as a woman when she is her strongest, and this has translated into all aspects of her life. She explains how being one of the strongest people in the gym showed her how powerful she could be, and that the stigma behind lifting heavy as a woman needs to end. Women can be strong and be beautiful, there is no “either/or.” Bailey has found that working to become her strongest physically has allowed her to tune into who she is and how she can be the best version of herself as a whole. She encourages us all to become the strongest versions of ourselves, too.

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