Introducing Vitality x Balance

Introducing Vitality x Balance

Introducing Vitality x Balance

Inspiring you to be the change.

Change is coming, in more ways than one.

With the new Atmos Collection comes the reveal of a new sub-label of Balance Athletica–one that emphasizes empowerment, body positivity, acceptance, and celebration of each and everybody

Designed by women for women on the same pillars of Balance, Vitality x Balance elevates classic styles with luxury lifestyle fashion for high-end wardrobe completion. It offers staple pieces that will coincide with each Balance Athletica collection, formulated with soft and stretchy, curve-hugging fabrics for fashionable comfort to celebrate your unique shape. 

But the value of Vitality x Balance doesn’t only come from styles that celebrate all women and all body types. Vitality x Balance empowers you to express your individuality, pursue your highest self, and embrace the skin you’re in–through both styles that flatter and powerful mantras that inspire.

The phrase, “be the change,” is the very first mantra of Vitality x Balance, serving as a reminder of our true mission and inspiration to be the force of change we wish to see in the world. True change begins within – by aligning with our own core values or instilling new ones that will bring us to our higher selves. 

This change takes time; it requires intention in actively choosing to improve oneself with small acts, each and every day. But those small changes we make as individuals add up over time, creating a lasting impact on our lives and on the lives of those around us.

 It's the compilation of these individual efforts that leads to a collective one, and ultimately, a greater impact. The adjustments you make within or for yourself don’t go unnoticed, and your aspirations may inspire those you least expect. Once the first domino of positive change is knocked over, the ripple effect cannot be stopped.

Change can begin with just one person, but when our efforts combine as a community, a true impact is made. Our hope is that Vitality x Balance will inspire you to be the change each time you wear it, knowing that however small your efforts may be, you truly are making a difference in the world. 

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