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The Motivation You Need To Just Start

The Motivation You Need To Just Start

You’re more than capable of achieving your goals, all you need is a little extra push to just start.

Hey Balance Fam,

Being nearly a month into the new year, it’s easy to lose sight of those goals we set just weeks ago. We get it—it’s motivating when everyone is throwing around their New Year's Resolutions and spreading inspiration on ways to succeed, but then life hits. Familiar routines and to-do’s fill up your schedule, and before you know it you’ve lost track of your why for these goals.

 If this is you, don’t get discouraged and give up—just start again.

It’s important to always keep in mind that everyone starts somewhere.
Everyone has a day one.

We all come from different backgrounds. Your journey in life is not going to look, be, and feel the exact same as those around you–but that doesn’t mean you can’t take on the changes you’re inspired to make.

The biggest mistake of all is comparing your abilities to anyone else's. When you strive to be better each and every day, you might just surprise yourself with all that lies within you. You have nothing to lose when your biggest competition is yesterday’s you.

You are strong and you are capable.

You can.

Find your motivation and don’t let go. 
Don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on your goals. If you’re feeling frustrated trying to find that motivation, reset with the discipline you know is within you, and come up with a plan to keep moving forward. Remember your why, and don’t lose sight of your intentions for temporary pleasures.
You’re in it for the long-run.

The inspiration you’re looking for is right here.
Tap the video below and just start.

We’re in this together, Balance Fam.

Check out how some of the Balance team is sticking to their 2020 goals:


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