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Learn From Mirages & Find Your Oasis

Learn From Mirages & Find Your Oasis

Because hope and abundance are always on the horizon.

Life moves quickly and unexpectedly. We are constantly being propelled from one mirage to another, working towards our future and preparing for what’s to come. While each mirage guides us to take those few extra steps to reach and touch the vision of our future selves, the question is:

Is what you’re doing with your time an illusion or is it actually helping your growth? 

We are often blind to the repercussions our actions have on our futures because we can hardly see them in the present. But the truth is, every step you take and every decision you make is shaping you. While no one is expected to make the right choices at all times, bringing awareness will turn your illusions into growth – your mirages into an oasis.

You are on the road to where you are supposed to be. You may not be able to see the path, but every experience, both the good and the bad, will eventually all make sense. On this path of life, you have a choice: to live and to learn or to live and repeat.  

You are human and you have free-will, but you will get lost in a life of repetition if you do not open your eyes to the reality of your choices. Rather than falling again and again into the illusions of the mirage to then be stuck at a standstill with no growth in your self-development, let’s learn from our experiences and ultimately find an oasis.

On the road to finding that growth and creating your oasis, don’t be afraid to get lost. Sometimes the best experiences come out of the most unexpected of circumstances, ultimately leading you to find yourself over and over again. You may know yourself best, but the truth is, you’ll never be done learning who you really are if you don’t immerse yourself into uncomfortability. 

So don’t fear failure. Step outside of your comfort zone. Get lost. Live. 

You will then find your oasis.

When you work through these mirages, you’ll find your Oasis sooner than you think. And when you see it, you’ll be able to run toward it, fully immersing yourself in your personal growth, refreshing your perspective with a new appreciation for how far you’ve come. Proud that YOU kept searching and YOU kept pushing. Then when it’s time to keep going, you’ll be able walk away unafraid of what the journey ahead holds. Renewed with motivation and knowledge that no matter where life takes you, hope and abundance are always on the horizon. 

Find your Balance. Find your Oasis.

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