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Make Movement Fun Again

Make Movement Fun Again

Our favorite ways to get out and be active

Week Three of ElevateU has just begun, Balance Fam! The weeks are flying by, and if you’re anything like us, sticking to a new set of habits has been beneficial, but not always the easiest. When it comes to the movement goal, specifically, sometimes a little rest calls our names instead. However, there are some ways to make this goal a little easier to accomplish, as well as something to look forward to rather than dreading each day. 

*Spoiler alert: it’s all about having fun!

We know, we know, fun doesn’t exactly fit into the spelling of movement, but it does belong in the action itself. The key to sticking with any new habit is to find the joy in it – to create an emotional connection that leaves us wanting to do the action each day. When a habit elicits happiness, we’re all the more compelled to do it. So get up, get out, and take the steps to make movement fun and interesting! Our top suggestions? Get your movement done outside, try something new, and spice up your routine.

With the end of summer quickly approaching, why not take advantage of the warmer days while you still can? Have fun with your daily movement and take your workout outside. Try something new, pick up an old hobby, or add an element of excitement to an exercise you’re familiar with. 

Bring Your Workout Outside

Why we love it: The greatest obstacle in making movement fun? The monotony of our day-to-day exercise. The best and easiest way to add joy to daily movement is to switch things up. Try new workouts, exercise in new settings, or create challenges within each workout to push yourself out of your comfort zone. The goal is to create a sense of newness, boost mental stimulation, and make the movement more interesting mentally, emotionally, and physically. So, while summer is still here, consider bringing your daily workout outdoors – to your backyard, balcony, a park, etc. Take in the sights and sounds, use your surroundings, and get creative with it!


Why we love it: Biking is another childhood favorite, and one that allows you to get out and explore while taking in the great outdoors. It is a great form of cardiovascular exercise, strengthens the lower body, and is an activity suitable for all fitness levels. Grab a bike and hit the trails for a challenge, or go for a leisurely ride around a local park – whatever your fitness level or activity goal, biking is sure to help you hit it. 

Outdoor Yoga

Why we love it: Yoga may not be for everyone, but there’s something about doing it in an outdoor setting, immersed in the sights and sounds of nature, that makes it so special. Plus, outdoor classes are typically free of charge and open to all experience levels, taking the intimidation factor out of trying yoga for the first time. Grab a friend and get some mindful movement in with a park, amphitheater, or even a rooftop yoga sesh. See it as a chance to try something new, knock out your daily movement goal, and center yourself all at the same time. *Plus, yoga ends up becoming a favorite, you can easily add it to your nightly stretching routine! 


Why we love it: When’s the last time you swam? We mean actually swam as opposed to catching a tan poolside or hanging out in the shallow end? For a lot of us, it has been some time – maybe since childhood – but we’ve found many benefits from including a good swim into our fitness routine. First, you get to be outside soaking up the summer sun; second, it’s refreshing and fun, so much so that you may easily forget you’re working out; and third, it’s nostalgic – an activity we all did as kids that brought us so much joy. 

Sign Up for a Fun Run

Why we love it: Running is an incredible form of cardiovascular movement, but we know very well it isn’t the most appealing to everyone. If you’re someone who dreads running, consider signing up for a Fun Run to bring a little joy and excitement to the activity. Fun Runs are held all year round, and the best part is you don’t have to be an avid runner to participate. Fun Runs are less about competition and more about enjoyment, typically 5k in length and benefitting a charitable cause. Some can include obstacle courses, mud pits, costumes, etc., adding to the entertainment and making running all the more fun. Give it a try this summer and you may find yourself signing up for more throughout the year!

Kayak or Paddle Board

Why we love it: The end of summer means the end of lake and river season, so take advantage of some active ways to enjoy the water. Head to a nearby marina and snag your rental of choice— kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boats. Get ready to break a sweat – working your core, arms, and legs – while soaking up the sun and all the summertime vibes. 

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