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Mid-Year Goal Setting

Mid-Year Goal Setting - Vitality

Achievable Goals to Set & Accomplish in the Second Half of 2021

We’re officially halfway through 2021! Time has flown by, but there's still plenty of time to achieve all that you desire this year. Whether you’ve stuck with your new year goals up until this point or not, now is the perfect time to review intentions, to recommit to yourself, and to create a new set of goals based on where you are at right now. Make them achievable and you’ll set yourself up for a solid second half of the year. 

Here are a few mid-year goals to set and to use as inspiration for your own:

  • Create a Bucket List
  • The world is opening up again, and after a long year of restriction and limitations, we finally have the chance to get out and explore. If you’ve already created a list of places to go and things to do post-pandemic, you’re ahead of the game! If not, we suggest writing out a bucket list to check off over the course of these next six months. Are there tropical destinations you’ve been dreaming of and saving for? Write them down as a first step toward trip planning. Any new restaurants or local events? Add those to the list, too. Your list can be as simple or as grand as you want it to be – it is yours to create, to add to, and to slowly check off as you go out and experience the world at its best again. Jot down a few items for when fall and winter hit as well to give yourself a little extra excitement and happiness to look forward to each month going forward. Bucket lists remind us of all of the exciting things that are out there, just waiting for us to experience them. Draft yours up and go experience life again. 

  • Set Your Next Achievable Career Goal 
  • We all have professional goals for ourselves, and oftentimes, these are big picture, “ten years down the road,” goals that require hard work, grasping opportunity, and experience over time. However, no lofty career goal can be achieved without consistent, small-scale successes along the way. The key to reaching those large professional goals is to set achievable smaller goals, using each goal accomplishment as a stepping stone to get you to where you want to be in the future. When deciding on what career goal to set for yourself, consider any skill that you’re lacking, gaps that you’re seeing, or any anything that may be lacking when it comes to professional fulfillment. Then, write down one or two achievable goals – ones that if you work toward, you will reach– and set a deadline to accomplish each one over the next few months. Some examples include mastering a skill that will add more value to your skillset, finding a professional mentor who has discovered the success you’re striving for, developing new systems for more efficient work days, or putting in the effort to create a better work-life balance for yourself. Setting these small goals will add another layer to your professional day to day – they’ll challenge you to become better and will remind you of your bigger picture desire as you achieve them one by one. 

  • Pick Up a New Hobby or One That You've Put Off
  • This goal requires you to focus on what brings you the most joy, and to intentionally work that joyful thing into your daily or weekly routine. Many of us were sadly forced to pump the breaks on our favorite hobbies. Others may have realized that what once brought them joy may not anymore, as this past year of reflection and loss undeniably puts things into perspective. No matter which boat you’re in, this summer is the ideal time to either jump back into your favorite hobby or to pick up a brand new one – adding another ounce of happiness to your everyday life. Did group workouts brighten your days pre-Covid? Consider joining a class again that fits your current comfort level. Grown weary of the indoor hobbies you picked up over the winter? Try a new outdoor activity to switch things up a bit! Whatever interest you’ve been eyeing, take that leap and give it a try over the next six months. You deserve to do anything and everything that will bring you happiness.
  • Revamp Your Nutrition Goals 
  • Warmer days bring more opportunity for physical activity, but the positive impact of an active lifestyle isn’t truly felt unless one’s nutrition is a priority. Starting today, make any adjustment needed to place your personal health and wellness at the top of your priority list for the rest of the year. Research some new healthy recipes, consider meal prepping each week to keep healthy meals readily available, or try adding a cup of greens to your daily intake for a boost of superfood nutrition. Have fun with it! If your health is already top of mind, you’re killing it, but maybe consider adjusting your wellness routine to avoid burning out. The key is to be consistent with a nutritional routine, but that doesn’t mean variety has to be sacrificed. Get creative with your healthy choices and watch how well your body will respond to the added nutrients. As a first goal, consider adding some new healthy recipes to your weekly meals or adding/substituting ingredients to your weekly meal prep. Lastly: drink that water, friend! Adequate hydration is essential for optimum health – it is necessary for all bodily functions, clears out toxins, energizes and boosts cognitive function… the list goes on. With summer now in full swing, it is all the more important to get that H2O in. Consider setting a daily water intake goal and bringing a reusable water bottle with you throughout your days to ensure you’re hydrating.

  • Reconnect With Those You Haven't Seen in a While
  • Lastly, but arguably most importantly, we suggest setting a goal to reconnect with loved ones you haven’t seen or spoken to in some time. The pandemic greatly impacted the way we connect with others, revealing the value of personal relationships. Some of us may have successfully maintained our connections virtually this past year, but for others, doing so has been difficult for one reason or another – or several reasons combined – and that is perfectly okay. However, there is never a wrong time to reach out to someone you care about. Consider creating a list of individuals who you haven’t spoken to or seen in a while and make a goal to reach out to one each week. Set up a phone call, invite your loved one to lunch, or propose a time to spend together. Chances are high that the people on your list have been missing you dearly as well, and your effort in reconnecting will benefit you all. 

    Here’s to the continued work of becoming the best YOU. We can’t wait to see where your ambitions take you, Balance Fam, and we’re here to root you on every step of the way. 

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