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Now Is the Time to Be That Oasis for Others

Now Is the Time to Be That Oasis for Others

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Gandhi

Recently, we dedicated a blog post on being an oasis for others, where we shared how kind actions can be a catalyst for the change we wish to see in the world. Now more than ever do we believe this message should be spread far and wide. Many of our eyes have been opened to decades of racial injustice, and we’re driven to stand up for what is right, we’re driven to be an oasis for our community.

History is in the making right now, Balance Fam. The world has come together to stand in the fight against social injustice and make a change, and we will not stay silent. Alone, we cannot change the world but together, all is possible. What we need most is each other, and to combat hate with love. We are one.⁣

Additionally, we’ve decided to shift our charity efforts for the Oasis Collection and donate $30,000 split evenly between two organizations: Color Of Change & Equal Justice Initiative.⁣

We believe in standing up for what is right. We are learning, we are listening, and we are taking action. This is our way of being an oasis for others, and we encourage you to do the same. 

We will be your oasis, Balance Fam.
While we strive to be a source of light and positivity for you, our community, we will continue to hold strong to our mission: to empower every individual to pursue their best self and be comfortable in their own skin. Everyone will come across different emotions, experiences, and views during this pivotal time, but we want you to know, we will fight, together. We will continue to be a resource for information on how to do better by the community and be a voice for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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