Why You Should Never Give Up On Yourself & Always Persevere – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Why You Should Never Give Up On Yourself & Always Persevere

Why You Should Never Give Up On Yourself & Always Persevere - Vitality

Perseverance is what it takes to keep going, follow your dreams, and never give up (and it is within you)

Hey Balance Fam,
No matter where you are in life,
no matter your goals and no matter your current situation,
we’re here today to tell you,
you have what it takes.
You can achieve your passions, all you need is perseverance.
Have you ever stopped yourself, mid-awe,
hearing all about so-and-so’s incredible accomplishments
and asked yourself, how did they get to where they are now?
We’ve all been there. Keep reading to find out how simple it is for you to find this answer.

Greatness isn’t a talent and success isn’t reached by only a few.

You have the potential, just as much as anybody else.
Where you are in life has nothing to do with what’s stopping you from reaching your best.
What’s stopping you is yourself.

Find your grit and you will find your milk and honey.
Prosperity, greatness, success.

 When you choose to utilize your perseverance alongside your passion, you will find your grit.

Take advantage of the light that radiates from within you and use that energy to persevere. 
Keep going.


Perseverance (noun): Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Make friends with failure
Some of the greatest things you will learn in life will come from failure and if you choose to listen, it will teach you how to succeed.
No one does everything right all of the time, and everyone learns things at different times in unique ways. So when you put your best foot forward only to find out it was in the wrong direction or with the wrong shoe, take the time to figure out what would be better moving forward, rather than giving in to disappointment.
Every mistake you make is for a reason. To better prepare you for success and to learn.

Stretch your growth mindset
It all starts with you.
We all have dreams, but in order to make those dreams a reality, you must first trust that you are capable and you must believe that all of the work you put in will one day pay off. True growth does not happen all at once. And it certainly doesn’t happen at the same pace for everyone. Think of your goals as seeds: if you plant your intentions, let your positive attitude be your sunlight and your work ethic be your water–your dreams are sure to come to fruition.

 Which brings us to our final point...

Absolutely never give up
Working toward your ambitions won’t be easy. So, practice becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable and you will be better equipped for the journey. Although your climb may be steep and a hair bit scary at times, it will lead you to the scenic peak you’ve been dreaming of.
Stay strong and remember your purpose.
Remind yourself how far you’ve come.

See? You can do all of this. And soon enough you’ll stop yourself, mid-awe,
at your OWN incredible accomplishments.

 For more inspiration to start building your perseverance,
take a moment to hear Balance Elite Leader Chloe’s story:

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