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The Key to Happiness and Growth: Perspective

The Key to Happiness and Growth: Perspective

Your perspective can affect all areas of your life. Find out if your point of view may be holding you back.

Hey Balance Fam,
The beauty this world has to offer is boundless. Are you giving yourself enough grace to see it?

How you see your life and how you view what is happening around you has everything to do with your personal life experiences and the various factors that have shaped you to be the person you are today. Although you may see the world in one light, others may see it in another. If we open ourselves up to the possibility of other perspectives, we open ourselves to happiness, empathy, and greater opportunity for growth.

So, how do you see the glass - half full or half empty? Or perhaps are you simply thankful there is any water in the glass at all?

The way you see things is your perspective.
The way you react to situations is due to your perspective.
The attitude you have is a direct result of your perspective.

 The best part about your perspective is that you are in control.
You are the driver of your mind - you are in charge of your point of view.

 If you find that you are frequently feeling down or irritable from even the slightest inconvenience, we know exactly what will help. Keep reading - it’s much easier than you think. 

All it takes is a little change in mindset.

Take a moment to think about everything you’re grateful for in your life. Each and every person, opportunity, all that you’ve earned and all that you’ve been given. Without them, you wouldn’t be who you are today. So, write them down - every day if you have to.
Your perspective will begin to change when you consistently take the time to recognize and feel grateful for all of the amazing people and things in your life.

Life is full of ups and downs, ebbs and flows.
Sometimes, when we are surrounded by what may seem like an endless downpour of bad times, we forget to look for the good that still lies among the bad.
Like many of us, we can be quick to dwell on the negative aspects of a situation rather than the positives. But, if we just nudge our perspective with a little optimism, our entire point of view can change for the better, the happier.
Make it a point to see the good, even in the bad.
This shift in focus is the key to happiness and appreciation.

A beautiful thing about life is its diversity. For every person, there is a different perspective.
It’s important to understand that everyone goes through different life experiences which forms their own unique point of view. Without going through the same exact life experiences as someone else, we will never know their true perspective.
But, that doesn’t mean we can’t try to understand. 

At times we can make assumptions or become irritated with the actions of others without knowing the reason behind their action or perspective.
The truth is, you never know what someone else could be going through.
Keeping an open and empathetic mind only helps make the world a kinder, better place. 
Give others grace. We would want them to do the same for us.

This silver lining is going to be different for every person and every situation, but it's there.
Whether it’s a mundane task, a sacrifice for a loved one, someone’s bad attitude, a tough day at work - whatever it is, find the underlying good.

Once you begin to look at things in a different light, your perspective will reflect that and you will find yourself appreciating the little things instead of dwelling on minor inconveniences.

With a change in perspective comes happiness and growth.
All you have to do is choose to accept the ebbs and flows of life.


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