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Pursuing Harmony in Life

Pursuing Harmony in Life

Create a harmonious life, both individually and within the world.

Living in harmony is like living in balance–you have to find the perfect mix of tranquility, contentment, and appreciation among the many facets life encompasses. However, a harmonious life is also reliant on the people and circumstances around you.

Harmonies in life are similar to harmonies in music in that different harmonies create unique beauty. From a musician standpoint, there will be times when certain instruments will soften to open up the spotlight for another. The same pertains to life–when there is a situation in the world that needs attention, we begin to question the importance of what typically consumes us to create a shift towards what is at hand. We create harmony in life together by reconfiguring our priorities and focusing attention to where the world is in need of it.

Subconsciously, we are constantly creating harmony in the world–especially now. 

Back in March, when we grew aware of the severity at stake, many of us put our lives on hold. We sat back, we stayed home, and we abided by this new norm for the health and safety of ourselves and others. 

 Back in May, when the injustices going on in our country became more apparent, we started a movement with the initiative to create change.

Throughout the many natural disasters our country has faced this year, from hurricanes to wildfires and more, we have become more mindful of our habits and the effects they truly have. With the newfound appreciation for life and the outdoors that 2020 has brung, we are fighting for change now more than ever.

 In the midst of chaos, fear, and uncertainty, we have come together, no matter the circumstance, and stood by our communities in need. 

We have joined forces to create harmony in life. 

While your contribution to the world’s harmony is important, so is pursuing harmony in your own life. Just like we create space for communities in need, you should be doing the same to manage your well-being. Because living a harmonious life involves so many other elements than you may be giving attention to, including:

 Finding the perfect harmony in life comes with reevaluation, time and time again. 

Shift your focus to merit efforts that deserve your undivided attention and find peace within areas that you may be neglecting. Most importantly, trust that each element of your harmonious life will be acknowledged when it’s the right time.

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