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Pursuing Unpaved Trails & Reaching Your Summit

Pursuing Unpaved Trails & Reaching Your Summit

The motivation you need to fulfill your innermost desires in life, even if it means following a path outside of your comfort zone, is right here.

A lot of the trails in our lives can feel paved–
By our parents, by our communities, by society as a whole. 
They give us a safe direction to get started.
However, sometimes it takes veering off set trails,
and paving our own paths, doing what no one else has done, 
to find our own personal peaks
And when we do,
the view is breathtaking.

Guidance comes in many forms; environments, behaviors, experiences. From childhood to adolescence we’re guided by the people who love us, the communities we explore, and the society we are surrounded by. Because of this guidance, we learn to follow the maps that were drawn out for us. We are shaped to accomplish the expected, to follow a “norm” and achieve a certain outcome. Whether the guidance we experienced came from a place of love or experiences of hardships, we’re shown a safe direction to travel.

There is power in this guidance, but there is even more power in your ability to recognize when it’s not leading you to exactly where you want to be. Sure, it’s comfortable knowing the destination you’re being led to, and having clear signs to lead you there—but if you’re not fulfilling your innermost desires—are you even going to enjoy the sights you see? Or are you always going to wonder, if you just took that small turn, “what would the view be from over there?”

If you feel a moving force within you to venture into a different direction than the paved trails you grew up knowing, we encourage you to take hold of this force and follow wherever it leads.

  Some people may not understand and they might try to redirect you back on that clearly marked track.
Be brave, be strong, become who you want to become and accomplish what you want to accomplish. While these people are just trying to look out for your well-being and guide you to a well-known location–you’ll only grow closer to your dreams
when you step outside others’ comfort zones.
Especially yours. 

 This is your journey, your life–no one knows you the way YOU know you.
If you desire a shift in direction, you just need to take that first step.
Keep putting one foot in front of the other, even if this new direction takes
more time or seems a bit more scary. There are wonderful things on the
other side of fear, because fear is only temporary. And the time is going to pass
anyway, so you may as well put it toward an outcome that will bring you the most joy. 

Being granted a life is being granted the opportunity to fully live. And guess what, you are in charge of what that looks like. You get to decide which view of your life is the most scenic. 

 Although there is beauty in reaching this desired destination, there is also beauty in the journey–the process. Always look around you, learn, and appreciate how each step is getting you closer to your goals. Along the way you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who truly care about you and people that you truly care about. Sometimes these people, communities, or movements will become your driving force, too. Lean on their support, find your inner strength, and—no matter how long it may take you—don’t stop moving until you reach that peak.

Before we leave you, we want to challenge you to take a moment out of your day (whether it’s a few minutes or more) to think about your life, your level of happiness, and if the trail you’re on is the right one for you.

 If you come to realize that it just might not be, we hope you feel empowered to stop waiting and start working on blazing your own trail, start getting comfortable with the uncomfortable, and ultimately finding your own personal summit.

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