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Quartz Collection + Finding Your Purpose

Quartz Collection + Finding Your Purpose
We proudly introduce our 3rd collection of the year, The Quartz Collection. Inspired by some of the most beautiful gems and minerals, their extraordinary textures, and stunning colors. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into every one of these pieces, and know you are going to look INCREDIBLE in the entire collection.
Hey Balance Fam,
Growing up, some of us knew exactly what we wanted to do, some of us thought we knew, and some of us had absolutely no idea.
Finding your purpose, what you’re meant to do in this life, isn’t easy for everyone. A lot of times we have to experience many things before we’re able to figure out what exactly it is that fuels our fire.
If you’re in a place where you’re feeling unsure about what your purpose is, we hope today’s newsletter can help you.
Balance owners Chloe, Taylor, and Steve all chose post-secondary education in a field they thought they could spend their life’s work loving.
It wasn’t until they started shadowing and experiencing what a day in the life of each of these careers was like, that they understood those weren’t the paths for them.
Although many of us may think we know what our purpose is, more often than not does it take life experiences to hone in on what it really is we were put on this Earth to do. For some of us, it can be a journey to find out what our purpose is. This was especially true for all three of the Balance owners.
Take it from Steve. Growing up around many family members in medicine, he thought it was the career path form him. 1 and a half years into medical school, he realized that the life he was chasing wasn’t fulfilling. 
Chloe’s post college ambitions were in conventional business and aspiring to lead an elite corporation. Clearly her talents in marketing and design would have gone untapped had she not made the choice to leap into the unknown.
If they hadn’t ventured out of their comfort zones, who knows if they would have truly found their passions through Balance.
Before we leave you, we want to share Chloe, Taylor, and Steve’s #1 tips to Finding Your Purpose.

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