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Soak It All In

Soak It All In

Be present, take it all in, harsh or easy, big or little, each and every moment is a lesson–if you let it.

“What’s next?” A simple question we constantly ask ourselves. In a world focused on progress, achievement, and success, it is easy to feel like we are dashing through life in search of our “Next”. Next achievement, next goal, next experience, next adventure, next stage of life. 

 What we often miss as we breeze through our days in the Now. There is such beauty in the now. Every second is a new experience that we’ll never be able to re-live. Even taking the time to read this blog post is a unique moment, never to be had again. Think about that….

 As a young brand constantly focused on making an impact, growing our incredible Balance Fam community, and providing as much value as possible, it is just as easy for us to focus on the “Next” as anyone. What we are all slowly learning is that:

The view along the journey can be just as fascinating as the destination.

 Carpe diem is a widely known Latin phrase meaning “seize the day.” To take it a step further, we encourage you to seize the moment. We challenge you, along with ourselves to Breath, Feel, and Observe.

Breathe Deeply.
In through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel the breath enter your nostrils, down into your stomach, past your hips, and to the bottom of your feet. Exhale slowly, allow the air to leave your body until it has fully exited. The easiest step to mindfulness is the breath. It will always help bring you closer to the present moment. 

Feel Openly.
We often forget to ask ourselves the question: “how do I feel?” Take a look inside, check in with yourself. Answer with pure honesty. Whether happy, sad, elated, confused, or any other myriad of emotions that we experience on a daily basis, know that it is okay. We cannot always control our emotions, but what we can do is be present with them, thus bringing us closer to ourselves. 

Observe Curiously.
Do you remember when you were a child, and you marveled at EVERYTHING? Every sound, every view, every smell. Everything is still just as fascinating today; the only difference is that our perception has shifted. We can bring ourselves back to our childlike tendencies by asking three simple questions: How, Why, Where? How do my plants know to lean toward the sun? Why do the same birds chirp outside my window each morning? Where did the fruit I’m eating come from? There’s always a deeper observation to be made beyond what the eye can see.

 We hope you take some time this weekend to embrace each moment, explore your curiosity, and find joy in the Now.

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