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Surviving vs. Thriving

Surviving vs. Thriving

It is not the strongest that survive, but those willing to adapt to change.

Only the strong survive. Survival of the fittest. 

 We’ve all heard these sentiments, but if this year has proven anything, it’s that neither are correct. It is not the strongest that survive, but those willing to adapt to change. 

 When the world started to change at the beginning of this year, survival became the name of the game. As the year progresses, we may now find ourselves overcome by multiple forces simultaneously. During times like these, simply surviving can seem like a win. However, as quarantine continues on, we’ve realized that while this is a natural reaction to dealing with short-term stressors, it can become a soul-sucking and unfulfilling way to operate long-term.

Survival is too often our default because there’s comfort in its familiar discomfort. But to truly feel like we are thriving we need to move beyond simply surviving. The first and most difficult step is commitment – committing to thriving and leaving survival mode behind. Because thriving is not only circumstantial, it’s a choice. It takes deliberate, consistent action to lead to continual progress. 

Consider your mantras, identify what isn’t serving you, and clear the path. It’s something so simple, and yet so freaking hard. Fortunately, perfection is not required to reap the rewards. 

Long-term sustainability and the flexibility for adapting to any changes and challenges that come your way ensures continued success. Not just for you, but for everyone around you. So start small, celebrate the little things, and the next step will come naturally.

 Creating a path that you can both follow and maintain is what will lead you to your strongest potential. As you grow, you will continue to adapt. You will become stronger every day, ultimately allowing you to take on more than you knew possible. But remember: you are only human and you can only endure so much. Start small, stay consistent, and strive to thrive.

The key to success here is adaptability. Simultaneously, this comes with relinquishing control. No, this doesn’t mean let go altogether, but instead focus where you are exerting your energy. For every situation, there is a solution. If the steps to the solution are out of your hands, let it be and move on. 

What the future holds is still unknown, but one thing is sure to stay consistent:
No matter what curveballs get thrown your way, you will not only survive, but you will thrive.

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