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Training Your Mind With Meditation

Training Your Mind With Meditation - Vitality
Hey Balance Fam,
We’re back, and here to share with you a practice that teaches your mind awareness and, in turn, provides countless benefits.
If you read last week’s blog, you know that along with the news of launches and all things Balance Athletica, we will be sharing additional information beneficial to you. Last week we talked about the important effects sleep has on our brain and body power.
This week, we’re discussing meditation and WOW, there are so many amazing benefits of meditating!!!
If you didn’t know already, meditation is the act of taking time to train our minds to become more aware of our thoughts/feelings without reactivity. Meditation opens us up to mindfulness - enjoying where we are now.
When it comes to meditation, daily practice creates invaluable benefits, including:
If you’re reading this and thinking, “Wow, meditation would really help me but I don’t have any time to do it,” it may help to know a few well-known, successful people who do take the time out of their wildly busy days to meditate…
Media Executive, Actress, Talk Show Host, Television Producer Philanthropist
Kobe Bryant
Former Professional Basketball Player
Ellen DeGeneres
Comedian, Television Host, Actress, Writer, and Producer
Arianna Huffington
Cofounder of Huffington Post
Not to mention two very close people to the Balance Family, Eri Butler and Tori Burris!
If you’d like to reap the invaluable benefits of meditation but don’t know where to start, there are SO many apps out there to help guide you through your first few sessions!! Here are a couple to get you started:
Happy Meditating,
The Balance Team

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