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Use Your Personality to Your Advantage

Use Your Personality to Your Advantage

Pt. 2 – In Your Personal Life

Part 4 of the Personality Blog Series

You – are one of a kind.

Let that sink in for a minute. 

There is only one of you – one person with your thoughts, your likes and dislikes, your personal strengths and weaknesses, your passions and aspirations. And even though others may have similar personality types or desires as you, they can never be exactly you. Now, how cool is that?! What’s even more incredible is that what makes you unique can be used to both your benefit and the world’s; but for the sake of this blog post, let’s chat about how to use your personality type for your own personal advantage – in your life and your relationships. 

Make the Most of Your Personality Type

If you’ve taken the time to dive into your personality type, you’re likely aware of the positive traits you possess. It’s one thing to understand your strengths but another to utilize them for YOU – to reach your highest, truest self. You deserve to become your best, and focusing on yourself is far from selfish; it’s absolutely necessary.

So take your best traits and apply them to your life, starting by viewing yourself as someone you love. How would you use your best qualities to make someone else feel loved, appreciated, and capable of achieving all that they aspire to? We often take ourselves and our own feelings for granted and forget to dedicate time to building ourselves up each day. If we are to become our best, we need to treat ourselves with the same love and kindness we freely share with others. 

Next, start applying your skills and qualities to your internal and external lives. Internally, we all have a dialogue that dictates our external actions, so make sure that internal dialogue brings out the best of you. If the ability to see the bigger picture is one of your personality strengths, be sure to apply that to your personal thoughts as well. If you find yourself getting caught up in the here and now, with difficulty seeing the path ahead of you, use your bigger picture thinking to rewrite that narrative, just as you use it when uplifting others. You are the most important person in your life – treat yourself like you are and give yourself your very best.

Once you’ve adjusted how you perceive yourself and treat yourself, extend your best qualities to your external life. As an example, say you are a self-motivated person, but up until this point, you’ve channeled that trait solely into your career. Try not to exhaust aspects of yourself in one area. Though careers are part of our lives, they are just that, a part. They aren’t WHO we are. So try channeling a little bit of that self-motivation into your personal life, whether that be your day-to-day agenda, a hobby that brings you joy, your fitness/wellness routine, or your relationships. Use your best qualities on what will bring you the most balance in life and, ultimately, the most joy. Who knows, if you start pouring your best into your personal life, one aspect or another could quickly transition into a career for you. We all dream of making our passions our life-long career – give yourself your very best so that you can get there.

While using the best of your personality can take you far as a person and in life, it is also important to recognize your negative traits to prevent those from holding you back. This isn’t to say you should suppress those traits, but rather, openly acknowledge them, lean on others in those areas, and seek ways to better them. Just as in a professional setting, there may be certain areas where you could improve for your personal benefit. We’re all a work in progress, but what counts is that we put in the effort to reach our highest selves. 

Your Personality & Relationships

As we become our best for ourselves, we must also consider how our strengths – and our weaknesses – affect others and our relationships with them.

We’re all different – we have different views, different motivations, and different values – which is a wonderful thing. But unless we’ve really taken into account the variety of personality types out there, we can find ourselves mistakenly thinking everyone must think, feel, or act the same way as we do. When, in reality, that is an impossible thing. This isn’t to say one person’s traits are better than the other; we’re just different, and for good reason.

Look at it this way: though empathy and compassion may be key figures in your personality profile, an important person in your life may have logic and analytics as theirs. This means that in certain situations, you may act or react very differently. Our differences complement each other, creating a whole rounded perspective that is necessary for this world to function. So, use everything you’ve learned about yourself and your own personality and apply it to your relationships with others. Let the best of you shine through, but also take the time to truly see who your friends, family, and partners are. Focus on the unique qualities about them and how your personalities can positively or negatively affect each other. Understanding one another more deeply will only strengthen the relationship. It will also ensure that when times get tough, you’ll better comprehend where another is coming from and be best able to work together on a solution. 

By acknowledging and accepting that we all have strengths and weaknesses as well as unique personality types, we become more aware of just how complex yet intertwined we all really are. This opens our eyes up to various viewpoints and additional ways of handling situations – it gives us the chance to learn from each other and grow. Our differences are there so that we can lean on each other, form stronger bonds, and understand each other on a deeper level – without judgement, but in collaboration with one another. Choose, today, to be the best version of you – for both yourself and for those you love. You’ll find your own happiness and build happier, stronger relationships along the way.


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