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We’re All Outlanders

We’re All Outlanders

Now is the time to embrace what makes you – YOU.

The inspiration behind the Outlander Collection is a simple one: we’re all Outlanders. Unique in our backgrounds, talents, lifestyles, & passions – our differences deserve celebration, not suppression. What makes this celebration difficult, though, is that being an outsider has been deemed inadequate.  “Outsider” and “Outlander” have acquired a negative connotation, indicating that we don’t belong and we’re wrong for not conforming. We’ve been taught to fear separation from the group, preventing us from being who we truly are and from following the path that is meant for us.

But here’s the thing – we ALL feel like outsiders from time to time (probably more often than not). Because the truth of the matter is, not one of us is the same. We are born to be outlanders despite the constraints society has molded. These are simply barriers to be broken.

Realize that we’re not alone and we’re all fighting the urge to release our individuality.
See the challenges we face as barriers to be overcome towards the path we’re meant to travel.
And know that, in reality, becoming an Outlander isn’t that scary after all. Instead, it’s freeing.

It’s time to fully embrace who we are and pave our own way. Step out of the norm and into individuality, without fear, hesitation, or doubt.

When we do this, we’re not separating from the group; rather, we’re uplifting it. We each possess something no one else can offer. Whether that be a skill, an idea, our time, or the kindness and acceptance within us, that ‘something’ is meant for us to share – and share proudly. Each and every one of us plays a special role in this world, and, as we all know, nothing succeeds without collaboration.

So what if, right this second, we all decided to live fearlessly – to embrace who we are and choose to fly against the grain? To do what makes us truly, deeply happy and never look back? 

If we make this choice, we fully lean into our calling. We finally allow our true selves to thrive, our individual talents to strengthen, and our lives to fill with unbridled happiness.

That is embracing the Outlander within.

1. When do you feel like your happiest, truest self? 

2. List 10 things you’re good at. This can be anything - from raising children, to listening, to baking a cake. Now, which of these things brings you the most happiness and fulfillment? 

3. What is holding you back from sharing your true self with the world? Explore how this prevents you from living the life you dream of. What changes can you make?

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