Behind the Design, Ep. 13: The Bold Palette – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 13: The Bold Palette

Behind the Design, Ep. 13: The Bold Palette

Palette Cleanser

With Cloud II Summer ‘23, we’re taking a vacation from our everyday styles and putting on a bolder look.

This is the season when Cloud II really shines. Its sweat-wicking, antimicrobial (AKA anti-odor), fast-drying, and breathable properties, combined with a ridiculously soft and lightweight feel and a stunning ability to hold rich, vivid color make it the perfect fabric for summer activewear: all fun and games, none of the sweaty consequences. 

And with Cloud II Summer ‘23, we aren’t letting any of those remarkable powers go to waste. This collection includes the highly anticipated debut of the Bold Palette of our Vitality Color System.

Introducing the Bold Palette

The Vitality Color System is the brainchild of Vitality Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, Chloe Chamberlain. It ensures Vitality piece comes pre-matched with other pieces we make, regardless of season, collection, fabric, or style. 

As Chloe describes it, "The interesting thing about the Color System is that it's really the way I've been designing since our very first launch, but I didn't have enough foresight to be able to see one, two, three years down the line and make choices that were relevant for our customers so that they could start investing in their wardrobe today and have it still be relevant and wearable years later. So the Vitality Color System was born out of a need to bring more structure to the way that I design. It was intended just to make our customers' lives easier and so that, rather than chasing trends, we're really just building a wardrobe that lasts for our customers."

At a high level, the Vitality Color System is split into two parts: the Classic Palette and the Bold Palette.  

"In the Classic Palette," Chloe explains, "you find all of the wardrobe-staple anchor colors that you would look to for building out your everyday wardrobe. These are colors that you can wear everywhere. They're limitless; they're classics. And then around that anchor color, I meticulously build the color families, choosing lighter and sometimes even darker tones to pair with the anchor color to offer a ton of different outfit combinations that are interesting and pairable in many, many ways."

The other half of the Color System is the Bold Palette. "These are very saturated, very bright. They're for days that you're just feeling, you know, bold, and you want to make an impression. The structure of the Bold Palette is different. There aren't color families like in Classic but instead basically just warm and cool colors that stand on their own. But there are specific Bold colors that are intended to pair with everything else in the Bold Palette. These are called 'accent colors,' and in this collection, the accent colors are Lilac and Lime."

The Cloud II Summer '23 collection will include Magenta, Blueberry, and Clover, as well as the accent colors Lilac and Lime, and a classic black and white: Midnight and Snow. But as the Vitality Color System grows, customers can expect to see new additions to the Classic and Bold Palette, including new accent colors to give even more pairing options for their Bold pieces. 

"The Cloud II Summer '23 accent colors already pair back to colorways we launched in January: Royal, Fuchsia, Blood Orange, and Seafoam. And, then, I can't say when, but the Bold Palette will be constantly expanding, as will the Classic Palette."

Cloud II Tennis Skorts, Cloud II Square Tanks and more in our new Bold Palette

"When designing this collection I really pictured where and when our customers would be wearing the pieces," Chloe says. "They're out on these sunny days feeling sporty with friends, outdoors, walking their dog, working out. I just wanted to create colors—and styles to suit those colors—that are full of bold lines and bold choices, that are really beautiful but also very functional."

This collection features a wide range of summer styles that refuse to be ignored, including many of the classic Cloud II styles that Vitality customers keep in permanent rotation, like the Cloud II Pant, Cloud II Trouser, Cloud II Jacket, Cloud II Volley Short, and Cloud II Biker Short.

But we’re also launching all-new guaranteed favorites, like the Cloud II Square Bra and Cloud II Square Tank, a flirty and functional Cloud II Tennis Skort, and 2 guaranteed internet-breakers: Cloud II X Jumpsuit and Cloud II X Jumper

The Cloud II X Jumper in the Vitality Color System's new Bold Palette

"I am personally really, really excited to wear the Cloud II Trousers in all three new colors, Magenta, Blueberry, and Clover. I cannot wait to wear those with the Cloud II Square Bra and Cloud II Square Tank. One of my favorite outfits in the world is just that simple solid set. I think it's so wearable and we've never done the Trouser in bold colors like these.

"I think just being able to wear them, you know, Magenta on Magenta, but then switch it up with a Magenta bra and a Clover pant for that kind of watermelon vibe. Or Magenta with the Blueberry or Blueberry with the Clover. I just think there's so much that you can do here that would be so fun. 

"I am stoked about this collection so it's hard to choose, but yeah, just personally, if I have to choose that's my answer!"

Cloud II Summer ‘23 launches June 8, 2023 at 10am MT on the dot. (But trust us: If you don’t want to miss out on your favorite pieces, it will be essential to shop during our Early Access window for this collection! So, if you’re in the U.S. and haven’t yet signed up for Vitality texts, do it now. You can thank us later.)

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