New Year, Better Vitality

New Year, Better Vitality

New Year, Better Vitality - Vitality

Our 2022 was probably a lot like yours: an absolute rollercoaster

As 2023 kicks off, it feels like a good time to reflect on the past year and to give a preview of what you can look forward to from Vitality in the months ahead.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to refresh and revitalize our offerings, from products to fabric to the speed and accuracy of our order fulfillment, and we can’t wait to unveil everything we’ve been working on!

Vitality will be bigger, better, faster, and stronger in 2023

But first, a look back. Vitality’s 2022 was probably a lot like yours: an absolute rollercoaster. We had some downs, for sure, but loads of ups too. 

Rebranding to Vitality earlier this year, while not without its challenges, was a true highlight in the history of the company. With this new name, we’re able to align much more closely with our central mission of celebrating and supporting our community’s passion for life.

Vitality is on a mission to create inspired athleisure for all body types

The Vitality rebrand has been a true mindset shift in our company, creating a laser focus on this guiding purpose. The indescribable feeling of vitality in body, mind, and spirit—that active, creative energy—inspires everything we do, and it’s what everything we do aims to inspire. 

“This brand refresh grants us the opportunity to heighten our impact on the world and develop into our highest form.” 

Another milestone this year was our Vitality Pop-Up in September. Thousands of members of the Vitality Fam came together to meet live and in person in Denver for the first time ever, to preview new products and share stories and laughs as a community. 

The year did have its fair share of setbacks. Supply chain delays caused production backlogs at our manufacturing facilities, which meant that we had to bump several collection launches and restocks until the last few months of the year (which is why you may have noticed long stretches of your favorite products being out of stock followed by a tidal wave of back-to-back new product drops from us late in the year).

But that was then. 2023 is a brand-new year, and with it, we’re excited to announce that, starting with the launch of our upgraded Cloud II fabric, we’ll be rolling out a fully revamped Vitality supply chain.

From radically re-engineering our fabrics to be softer, more lightweight, higher performance, more durable, better fitting, and more sustainable than anything you’ve experienced from us (or anyone else!) before, to developing relationships with more skilled and reliable manufacturers that will help reduce the frequency of out-of-stock customer favorites like our classic women’s black leggings, we’re making sure that 2023 will be a massive level-up. 

Fabric innovations and improved inventory levels aren’t the only changes you’ll see from us in 2023. Our approach to new product launches and colorways is also getting a full redo. 

Thanks to some great customer feedback, our design team has developed a radical new approach to developing our upcoming Vitality styles and collections: transitional, mix-and-matchable styling. All of the launches planned for 2023 will build upon each other. For the first time you’ll be able to mix fabrics, collections, and drops across seasons, breathing added life into new purchases as well as pieces you may already own. 

“We want our customers to be able to mix and match items throughout the year. All pieces should be able to easily pair with different items from different seasons. We don’t want to limit certain colors to specific seasons. We want the pieces to be worn all year!” —Alexa Cowen, Dir. of Product

Helping you get more use out of the clothing you already own is in keeping with another company goal for this year: sustainability. From product packaging to fabric, we’re adopting eco-friendlier practices. Every piece we release this year will be made with majority recycled materials for the first time.

And trust us, these are not your parents’ recycled fabrics; they’re state-of-the-art bespoke compressive fabrics engineered for high performance: sweat-wicking, antimicrobial, and durable enough to withstand even the toughest use while still being featherlight and luxuriously soft. 

Sustainability is also behind the launch of a new customer-led resale platform that we’ll be announcing in a few weeks. It will be our way of giving a second life to pieces that our customers may no longer need. As our Director of Product explains, “Every year 85% of textiles end up in landfills so we are excited to be a part of reducing this percentage. This program will give our customers more incentive to resell clothing instead of throwing it away. We think this is a perfect step forward in making a bigger impact on our world.”

Stay tuned for this program launch, the release of the upgraded Cloud II fabric line, and many, many other exciting new developments! We hope you’re looking forward to a fantastic 2023 just as much as we are. 

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