Behind the Design, Ep. 2: Daydream – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 2: Daydream

Behind the Design, Ep. 2: Daydream - Vitality

New and improved Daydream dropping January 2023

When we said we were upgrading everything in 2023, we meant it. Along with our completely revamped Cloud II fabric, we’re happy to announce that we’re also dropping new and improved Daydream pieces

New and improved Daydream leggings, shorts, and sports bras are launching!

As soon as we launched our Daydream line last summer it became an instant Vitality Fam favorite. The airy softness and next-to-naked feel make it the perfect fabric for everyday wear and low-impact activities like yoga. 

“Amazing leggings! Buttery soft and so comfortable!” – Bianca F.

“I would buy like a million of these if I could.” – Tess C.

“It just moves with your body so perfectly…. I honestly would wear them ALL THE TIME." – Tyisha T.

Even still, we felt we could do better. Our new and improved Daydream drop will keep the same obsession-worthy softness and comfort but feature a few subtle upgrades to the construction and fit. 

To view the Daydream '23 Lookbook, click here.

New Daydream V Bra and Volley Shorts

In our original Daydream Pant construction, the waist yoke seam (on the inside of the waistband) would roll slightly as the wearer moved. Not a huge deal but our whole thing in 2023 is always looking for ways to be just 1% better, which is why our new Daydream leggings and shorts will have a flat-sewn yoke seam to keep the waistband flat against the body.  

Daydream yoke seam update for January 2023

We also received customer feedback that due to its featherlight weight and all-way stretch, the original Daydream leggings and workout shorts felt a little oversized. To fix that, we’ve revised the size grading at specific measurement points to ensure that new Daydream yoga pants and shorts fit everyBODY like a glove. 

For more insight, we talked with Alexa, our Director of Product, about the hows and whys of these Daydream updates and about our 2023 design philosophy more broadly.


Can you talk us through what’s changing and what’s staying the same with these upgraded Daydream pieces? 

We are maintaining the same flattering crossover waistband of the original Daydream line, but we have improved the fit and adjusted the waist seam to lay flat against your body. We have also added in a new Daydream V Bra to pair back to our Daydream bottoms.

For Vitality customers who love their current Daydream pieces, what can they expect from the upgraded Daydream line? 

The improved fit really fits your body like a glove. The pieces are so flattering, and we are also introducing full new colors in this collection. 

I won’t give away any spoilers, but our Vitality Fam will be excited to learn that Cloud II and our new, improved Daydream pieces are just the first of MANY exciting product developments in 2023. Can you give us a preview of what else is coming?

We are truly listening to customer’s feedback on our current product to make sure we are designing items which our customer strives to wear. Two big design goals for Vitality in 2023 are to make sure the customer has different items for different activities and to be able to mix and match items throughout the year.

So, for example, while Cloud II and Daydream are both extremely soft and comfortable, Cloud II has a slightly higher compression level, making it great for low- to medium-impact activities. Daydream is our lightest compression fabric, best suited for lifestyle and low-impact activities. In the near future, we will be introducing a comprehensive fabric spectrum on our website which will really dive into all the details and ideal uses for each fabric. We are excited to be launching various fabrics for a wider range of activities in 2023!

New Daydream leggings in 3 new colorways

Another exciting change is that our color palettes will be transitional this year, so you will be able to mix and match any number of pieces from each collection to help complete any outfit. We want our customers to be able to mix and match items throughout the year. We don’t want to limit certain colors to specific seasons. We want the pieces to be worn all year!


The January 2023 Daydream drop will include revamped customer favorites like the Daydream Pant (a classic women’s legging with a distinct criss-cross waistband) and Daydream Square Bra as well as three new styles: a Daydream V Bra with a cross back straps as well as Daydream Volley and Biker Shorts. 

Daydream leggings, shorts, and sports bras

All will feature the same next-to-naked comfort with shaping power, recycled fabric, and all-way stretch. And all are squat proof and ready for movement. The weight of the fabric is featherlight with a buttery handfeel, and are engineered to be sweat-wicking and antimicrobial, meaning they dry quickly and have less odor.

This drop will also include three new colorways: Arctic Sky, Navy Sky, and Blackberry Rose (available for the Daydream V Bra, Volley Short, and Pant), plus classic Midnight (available for all five styles).

Experience Daydream for the first time all over again on January 19 at 10am MT. (With Early Access for text subscribers starting at 9:30. If you're not already on the list, you're gonna want to get on that ASAP.)


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