Behind the Design, Ep. 5: The Vitality Color System

Behind the Design, Ep. 5: The Vitality Color System

Behind the Design, Ep. 5: The Vitality Color System - Vitality

How we're making your everyday wardrobe effortless

The traditional way our industry does business is a problem. Fashion’s seasonal approach to new collections depends on, well, fashion—fads that, by design, are meant to come and go. That model may drive sales, sure, but it also promotes a wasteful trend-to-trash consumption cycle. 

At Vitality, we’re on a mission to upend that cycle by building a radical new approach centered around a transitional—not seasonal—design ethos that promotes mix-and-matchability across product lines, collection launches, and fabrics.

We call it "The Vitality Color System."

The Vitality Color System(TM) is an industry-leading approach to collections, one designed to promote wearability over time.

With the Vitality Color System we want to empower you to bring new pieces into regular rotation and rediscover fresh uses for items you already own, extending their life cycle, keeping more pieces out of the landfill, and taking the pressure off of choosing your outfits and giving you the foundation and freedom to build an effortless everyday wardrobe.

Explore the Vitality Color System Classic Palette here!

With the Vitality Color System, we’re breaking free of seasonal fads and throwaway styles by creating families of mix-and-matchable colorways and prints that will not only pair back to previous collections, fabrics, and seasons, but will also anticipate styles and colorways to come. 

The Vitality Color System is the brainchild of Co-Founder and Chief of Design, Chloe Chamberlain, who says, “I created this formula to be very customer centric. Not only are we increasing longevity and value, but a major intention here stemmed from the excitement our customers would get when they realized they could pair new styles with a Vitality piece they acquired a year prior. Drawing inspiration from that, one of my biggest drivers has been creating an ‘Effortless Wardrobe.’ Essentially taking the pressure and stress out of getting dressed in the morning by maximizing mix-and-matchability. I want our Vitality Fam to be able to close their eyes, reach into their closets, pick out an outfit, and know that it will always feel and look good.”

Learn more about the Vitality Color System

There are two basic parts to the Color System: a Classic Palette of basic, more neutral colors that are versatile and foundational and a Bold Palette of more saturated, vibrant colors that add a pop to your wardrobe.

Our Cloud II Feb. ‘23, Daydream Jan. ‘23, and Spring '23 collections belong to the Classic Palette, and our Cloud II Jan. ‘23 collection belongs to our Bold Palette.

The Classic Palette is built of color families made up of anchor colors and their tonal shades. And as the year goes on, we will introduce prints strategically designed to blend one or more color families and create connections between Classic and Bold Palettes to maximize pair-ability across collections, fabrics, and families. 

“We are so excited for this!" Director of Product, Alexa Cowen says. "The Color System will maximize the wearability of all your Vitality pieces. With this new system, we're hoping to address that problem by creating a master color palette which our customers can use to build a functional wardrobe year over year.” 

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