New Product Spotlight: Vital Workout Mat – Vitality Athletic Apparel

New Product Spotlight: Vital Workout Mat

New Product Spotlight: Vital Workout Mat

The right equipment makes a difference.

The right gear can mean the difference between ordinary and peak performance—but not because a product can make you jump any higher or run any faster. What separates a great item of activewear or a smartly designed piece of equipment is that it gets out of the way of your workout and lets you focus on the task at hand. Less friction. Fewer distractions.

That was the thinking behind one of the pieces from our Traveler May ‘23 collection that we’re most excited about: the new Vital Workout Mat

Vital Workout Mat

This is not your average yoga mat. We analyzed pretty much every mat on the market and every type of mat workout to identify the key ways regular mats can interrupt your fitness flow and then set out to build the mat that finally fixes them.

The result is a truly top-tier piece of athletic gear. 

The Vital Workout Mat is so much more than a yoga mat. Its heavyweight construction gives it just the right amount of cushioning for both high-intensity and pilates workouts, but without adding so much bounce that it compromises your balance for standing yoga poses. 

We gave the surface a highly durable, no-slip matte finish that makes it perfect for even the sweatiest flows and bodyweight workouts, and we gave it dimensions both longer and wider than standard yoga mats to accommodate taller body types and a wider range of explosive, plyo moves. 

Vital Workout Mat, our upgraded oversized yoga mat for all workouts

Limited quantities of our new Vital Workout Mat will launch 5.23.23 along with the rest of our Traveler May ‘23 collection (at 10 am MT, with Early Access for text subscribers from 9:30–10am) and will be available in True, Mauve, and Midnight.

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