Richer, More Vibrant Color – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Richer, More Vibrant Color

Richer, More Vibrant Color - Vitality

Learn how we're producing blacker blacks and brighter brights than ever before

As part of our Cloud II upgrade, we wanted to do more than just make this fan-favorite fabric even softer and more lightweight, and give it sweat-wicking and antimicrobial properties. We also wanted the material itself to look as next-level as its technology.

That’s why we set out to reformulate all of our dyes and dyeing processes to create even blacker blacks and brighter brights than we’ve ever been able to produce before.

Cloud II colors

 And, honestly, we kinda nailed it.

Verified reviewer Kerry puts it like this, “I really didn’t think Cloud could get better, but now I want to never wear Cloud I again and buy all the Cloud II. These are everything I imagine when I envision the perfect pair of leggings. a much richer black than Cloud I.”

We've upgraded our dye and processes to produce blacker blacks and brighter brights than ever before

Lacy, another early Cloud II reviewer, really gets it: “I'm so sad I was only able to snag the Midnight color,” she says, “but I have no doubt that 2023 will be the year for Cloud II and I can't wait to grab as many colors as I can in the future!!”

...and Greener Green

What makes these new, richer colors even more exciting is the fact that, along with reformulating our dyes, our suppliers also implemented a completely new dyeing process for Vitality pieces, one that’s not only higher quality, but (in keeping with our 2023 resolutions) wildly more sustainable.

With these advanced new manufacturing techniques, there is ZERO wasted dye, and the fabric undergoes a pre-dyeing step, which reduces the amount of water used in the overall dyeing process.

Restock Alert

If you missed out on experiencing the blacker blacks of Cloud II because the collection launch sold out in record time, well, you’re in luck. We’re restocking the Midnight Cloud II Pant on Friday, February 3, at 10am MST. So if you haven’t already, sign up now for text reminders.

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