"Start small, start afraid, start before you’re ready." – Vitality Athletic Apparel

"Start small, start afraid, start before you’re ready."

"Start small, start afraid, start before you’re ready." - Vitality

Mickaela Mundell on the power of a spring reset

Our Spring '23 collection is all about exploration. As the weather turns warmer and we start to thaw out after a long winter, there's no better time than spring to take stock, try new things, and set big goals. Whether that means committing to a training regimen or just prepping your garden beds, this is a season for fresh starts. 

And no one knows more about fresh starts than Mickaela Mundell. Mickaela is a Vitality influencer and one of the models for this spring campaign. But she's also a role model for personal growth and reinvention. So, to help us get in the spirit of the season, we reached to Mickaela for insight into how she approaches her spring reset. 


For any Vitality readers who may not know you, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Mickaela Mundell. I’m from Kansas City, and I’m a personal trainer and business owner. I love living a healthy lifestyle and am lucky to call it my job. I also love traveling and trying new things.

My passion is to empower as many people as possible to believe in themselves and their ability to do anything they set their mind to and to also be a positive influence to make the most of this life and live to the fullest.

Spring is always an important time of transition and rejuvenation, but this year, we’re really feeling it at Vitality. A big theme of our new collections is this idea of really “putting ourselves out there,” both in the figurative sense of pushing our limits, exploring, and taking risks, but also in the very literal sense of getting outside in the sunshine and being active. What does spring mean to you?

I love spring because it always feels like the perfect time to reset and refocus. During this time of year I love to do a bit of spring cleaning and let things go that are no longer serving a purpose to me. This helps me keep a clean and organized environment that makes me feel more calm and motivated.

And I take full advantage as the days start to get longer and make sure I’m getting outside more. I look forward to sunrise or sunset walks and listening to a podcast or audiobook that helps me grow in different areas of my life.

Reinvention is a big project. For those of us who may feel stuck and unsure of where to start, what are some easy ways we can begin to break free of old patterns and explore new aspects of ourselves?

There are three things that come to mind.

First, I always believe in starting small. Even just changing one thing in your life can make a huge difference. Instead of hitting the snooze button you could wake up and journal for 5 minutes. Or instead of watching multiple episodes of your favorite show at night you could watch one and go for a walk after.

Second, It’s important to focus on what you can add to your life instead of focusing too much on what you need to take away.

And lastly, open your mind to the possibility that you can change and create a different version of yourself. Mindset is everything, so you have to actually believe that you are capable of making change. 

Start small, start afraid, start before you’re ready. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to take that first step. And as you step out of your comfort zone and create new habits, little by little, it will create a ripple effect and one day you’ll wake up and feel like a completely new version of yourself.

Whenever anyone tries something new and challenging, there are going to be rough patches, and anytime we try to make life changes, we’re going to have days when success feels a million miles away. What do you do in those dark times? How do you deal with plateaus or setbacks? 

I try to remind myself that my lowest points and times I felt like a failure are the moments I typically experienced the most self-growth. I read this quote the other day, “If you had it all figured out today, there would be nothing to learn tomorrow. Enjoy being a work in progress.”

No matter your success or progress there are always going to be low points and hard times. But just try to remind yourself how far you’ve come and how wonderful it is that you get to keep growing and evolving.

For us at Vitality, when all else fails and we just need one small win, we know we can always put on something that makes us feel powerful, hit the gym or the mat or the trail, and move our bodies. So, finally, what’s one piece from this upcoming Vitality spring launch that you can’t wait to rock? 

I’m so excited to rock the jumpsuit as a lifestyle piece and as activewear. I got an instant confidence boost the moment I put it on. It’s definitely going to be my go-to piece this spring. 


Find your own go-to piece in our Spring '23 Collection, launching April 13, 2023 at 10am MT. (And U.S. customers can get Early Access to the collection starting at 9:30am by signing up for text messages.)

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