Behind the Design, Ep. 18: Cloud II Fall '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 18: Cloud II Fall '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 18: Cloud II Fall '23

Match the Moment

After a long and suffocating summer, the coming of fall always feels magical. Until that first crisp day, you forget what a joy it can be simply to be outside breathing fresh air. Every year the leaves change, and every year it’s a miracle.

We set out to capture that pure autumn magic with our new Vitality Cloud IITM Fall ‘23 collection. 

Like the season itself, this drop is all about color. So grab your pumpkin spice everything, put on your hiking boots, and assemble your leaf-peeping crew, because with Cloud II Fall we are diving headfirst into a big pile of deep, evocative new colorways. 

Cloud II Fall features new anchor colors in our Classic Palette: Cinnamon, Espresso, Olive, and Plum, plus the tonal shades: Oat, Pearl, Terracotta, Sage, Ashberry, Cocoa, Rosewood, Willow, and Violet.

These are super-versatile colors that maximize mix-and-matchability—exactly what you’d expect from your Vitality Cloud II pieces.

When we upgraded from our original Cloud fabric to Cloud IITM, we elevated this all-time fan-favorite to a whole new level. Our flagship line was always specifically engineered to perform well for all activities and any type of athlete, but with Cloud II, we elevated its “all-day, everywear” quality by giving it just the right balance of medium compression, ultra-lightweight feel, and marshmallow softness. Cloud II pieces are just as comfortable on a Sunday stroll as they are crushing that final set of jumping lunges. They’re loaded with the latest anti-microbial, 4-way stretch, sweat-wicking, and fast-drying performance tech—and they’re BPA free and made with majority recycled material

But here’s where it really gets interesting. When we developed Cloud II we also gave it a lowkey game-changing feature: the ability to hold even richer, more vibrant color. And the colors of the Cloud II Fall ‘23 collection are the perfect way to show that off.

This launch includes expanded Classic Palette colorways for existing styles:

  • Cloud II Pant
  • Cloud II Trouser
  • Cloud II Biker and Volley Short 
  • Cloud II X Jumpsuit
  • Cloud II Scoop Bra and Scoop Tank

As well as four brand-new Vitality styles. We sat down with Vitality Co-Founder and CEO Taylor Dilk for a peek into the details of these new designs:

Cloud II Corset Tank and Bra 
"One of the most common requests we get from customers has been for a V-neck tank that still offers plenty of support. So for these pieces, we created not just a simple V-tank shape that's long enough to cover the torso, but we also added wide straps for extra support. Then to really take it next-level, we removed the strap adjusters to give a seamless, more comfortable feel and ran princess seams down the torso for an elongated, more contouring look. The result was so flattering, so comfortable, and so supportive that we just had to create a sports bra option as well."

Cloud II Shrug 
"Especially this time of year, I love a shrug. It’s such a versatile layering piece. But they never seem to fit quite right and I end up constantly readjusting. So we created ours to be a little longer in the back than others on the market and gave it a body-hugging bolero cut and thumbhole sleeves so that it stays put and looks great no matter what."

Cloud II Gather Jacket
"Early-fall jackets are so tricky! Because they're thin, they tend to bunch awkwardly around the torso. That’s why we designed our full-length fall zip-up to hit below the waistband and gave it a fitted silhouette and subtle ruched detailing along the front and sides, allowing it to move freely with no bulky, bunched-up look. Then we gave it a cute upcollar for an extra little pop!"

Cloud II Fall ‘23 will launch September 12th with general access at 10am MT and Early Access private shopping starting at 9:30am MT. Fair warning: This launch has timeless styles and universal colorways for our most beloved fabric of all time. Meaning, items WILL sell out—and quickly—so if you’re in the U.S. and not yet signed up for Early Access texts, you should do that right now.

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