New Product Spotlight: Cloud II Jacket – Vitality Athletic Apparel

New Product Spotlight: Cloud II Jacket

New Product Spotlight: Cloud II Jacket - Vitality

Meet yet another instant classic, the Cloud II Jacket

This February Cloud II launch is just wild. Alongside the Cloud II Trouser and new Vitality Color System, we’ll be dropping yet another instant classic in the Cloud II Jacket

The Cloud II Jacket


The Vitality Cloud II Jacket is the ultimate performance zip-up, in the ultimate performance fabric. For a deep dive into what makes this piece such a versatile must-have, we sat down with our Director of Product, Alexa.


What are some key features of the Cloud II Jacket?

The shape is so slimming, with a very flattering curved hem to accentuate the waist while also providing more coverage. We’ve added thumbholes to prevent the sleeves from sliding up during wear. It’s also such a great layering piece, designed to wear over your workout clothes.  

The Cloud II women's workout Jacket in Concrete

What were some pain points that we tried to fix with this design?

Based on feedback from our Vitality Fam, we created this jacket to be longer than our previous jackets. We wanted to make sure the length would overlap the waistband of our leggings and workout shorts

The collar is softer and more flexible than our previous jackets and we simplified the lines, making for a more comfortable fit all around. Overall, this jacket has more coverage, is more flattering and provides the maximum comfort.

What special finishing touch in the Jacket design do you feel like is absolutely just “chef’s kiss”?  

I think it’s the simplified shape! The wearability of this jacket is limitless. You can wear it over your workout clothes, to the grocery store, over your swimsuit, etc. There are just so many options for how and when to wear this jacket. 

And because the cut is simplified, it offers a slimmer fit to show off your figure. This jacket is so comfortable and so versatile, I can envision myself wearing it every day!


Along with the rest of our Cloud II, Feb. ‘23 collection, the Cloud II Jacket will be available February 23, 2023 in five colorways: Blackberry, Evergreen, Navy, Concrete, and Midnight. 

Open access starts at 10 am MST, but text subscribers will get thirty minutes of Early Access private shopping starting at 9:30 am—so if you haven’t already subscribed, do that right now.

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