New Product Spotlight: Cloud II Trouser – Vitality Athletic Apparel

New Product Spotlight: Cloud II Trouser

New Product Spotlight: Cloud II Trouser - Vitality

The lowdown on our new Cloud II Trouser

Vitality’s Cloud II, February ‘23 collection launch is a big one. Not only are we bringing out new looks for our upgraded Cloud II fabric and kicking off the Classic Color Palette that will set the stage for all of our 2023 launches, but we’re also dropping two entirely new Vitality styles. 

Take a deep dive into one of those instant classics: the Cloud II Trouser

Cloud II Trouser

The Cloud II Trouser is a true everywear piece, with a slim boot cut, multiple length options, and upgraded sizing to ensure that it fits every body perfectly.

We reached out to our Director of Product, Alexa, to learn what features and design elements she’s most excited about with this new product.


What are some key innovations of the Cloud II Trouser design?

These were designed truly based on customer feedback. The style is derived from our Cloud I Flare Pant, which was our first time offering multiple inseam lengths.

With that design, we found that our grading in the inseam was too drastic and there was too large of a gap in between sizes. For example, we heard that the Flare size large with a short inseam was too long for some customers. So with the Cloud II Trouser, we worked hard to fine tune the increments between sizing to make sure the sizing was appropriate for each of the Short, Regular, and Long lengths. 

We also removed the slit on the hem so that it’s more versatile for workouts as well as everyday wear. We also adjusted the leg opening to be a boot-cut shape, rather than the wider flare

Overall, this trouser is much more wearable for any activity.

The Cloud II Trouser in Blackberry

What special finishing touch in the Trouser design do you feel like is absolutely just “chef’s kiss”? 

For me, it’s the fact that everyone will be able to find that perfect fit for their unique body. I personally struggle to find flare or boot-cut bottoms that fit perfectly without having to alter them. 

I think everyone will be very excited to see how flattering these truly are on their body.


Along with the rest of our Cloud II, Feb. ‘23 collection, the Cloud II Trouser will be available February 23, 2023 in Short, Regular, and Long lengths and in five colorways: Blackberry, Evergreen, Navy, Concrete, and Midnight. 

Open access starts at 10 am MST, but text subscribers will get thirty minutes of Early Access private shopping starting at 9:30 am—so if you haven’t already subscribed, do that right now.

The Cloud II trouser in black

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