Behind the Design, Ep. 4: Cloud II, Feb. '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 4: Cloud II, Feb. '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 4: Cloud II, Feb. '23 - Vitality

Introducing our newest Cloud II collection

When we first launched our upgraded Cloud II fabric, we had a hunch y'all would like it. But, like, come on....

"The Cloud II fabric is phenomenal." – Hayley

"BEST leggings ever!! By far better than Lululemon! They are the most comfortable, buttery, soft leggings and I highly recommend them." – Hannah G.

"I could wear this everyday. Flattering, comfortable, supportive, and versatile!" – Lexi R.

"The new cloud fabric?!! OBSESSED!" – Emily S.

"Obsessedddd." – Erin F.

"Suchhh an unreal, light and comfortable material!! Cloud 2 is like no other!" – Madeline B. 

And so on, and so on, and so on....

But our toxic trait is never quitting while we're ahead. That's why we're extremely excited to announce Cloud II, February '23.
Cloud II, Feb. '23 collection of women's leggings, gym shorts, sports bras, trousers, and jackets

With this collection, we’re adding even more versatility to what’s already our most versatile fabric ever.

These are foundational pieces in foundational colors, in a Cloud fabric that we’ve radically reengineered for maximum comfort, fit, and performance. 

Cloud II, Feb. '23 collection of recycled and sweat-wicking women's leggings, sports bras, gym shorts, and workout gear

With this release, we’re also proud to introduce our new Vitality Color System, a first-of-its kind way for you to bring new pieces into regular rotation and rediscover fresh uses for items you already own, taking the pressure off of choosing your outfits and giving you the foundation and freedom to build an effortless everyday wardrobe.

This is yet another way we're upending the unsustainability of the traditional fashion industry. With the Vitality Color System, we’re breaking free of seasonal fads and throwaway styles by creating families of mix-and-matchable colorways and prints that will not only pair back to previous collections, fabrics, and seasons, but will also anticipate styles and colorways to come. 

The Cloud II, February '23 collection introduces the first four color families in our Classic Color Palette: Evergreen, Blackberry, Concrete, and Navy, plus our staple black, Midnight

 I reached out to Director of Product, Alexa for some insight into the inspiration and intention behind the designs and the Vitality Color System:


What was the design inspiration behind the Cloud II, Feb. ‘23 collection?

We knew we would just be coming off of a very bold color palette from our Cloud II, Jan. '23 launch, so this collection was intentionally designed to kick off our Classic Color Palette.

We also wanted to incorporate a few new styles which we are new and improved based on customer feedback. We are bringing back our bestselling styles as well as introducing new styles to enhance your wardrobe. The colors are so deep, yet versatile, so they will truly become the foundation colors of your wardrobe.

All of the styles in this collection are monochrome and provide minimal detailing to maximize potential layering now and in the future.

In this collection, the Vitality Fam will be excited to see new colorways for all-time favorite Cloud II styles like the Pant, Scoop Bra, Scoop Tank, and Biker and Volley Shorts, but they’re gonna go absolutely wild for the new Cloud II Trouser and Cloud II Jacket. Can you tell us a bit about those new designs and what makes them so exceptional?

I think what sets these new designs apart is that they were designed truly based on our customers' feedback. We have made vast improvements to the new styles coming out in this collection.

I personally am so excited about the Trouser! It's an upgraded version of the Flare Pant we launched last year. The leg opening is a slim boot cut and we removed the slit so that it is more versatile for workouts as well as everyday wear. In addition, we have perfected our length and size grading system based on customer feedback for the perfect fit for your body. 

This launch is part of a much bigger ethos shift in our approach to new collections and seasonality, one we’re very excited about. Can you give our Vitality Fam an overview of how the Vitality Color System will work and how this Cloud II, Feb. ‘23 collection fits into it?

The Vitality Color System was so meticulously designed, so we are extremely excited that this Cloud II launch introduces it. The goal of the Color System is for you to be able to easily mix and match colors to create an effortless outfit. And with this Cloud II, Feb. '23 color palette, we’re introducing the color families that will become the foundation for all this year’s launches. 

These are the beginning of we're calling our "Classic Color Palette." These 4 colors, Blackberry, Evergreen, Navy, and Concrete, will be the anchor tones of individual color families within that palette, and as we launch new tones in each family, they'll easily pair back to these anchor colors.

As we introduce prints or heathered colors later in the year, these will pull from the tones in these color families to ensure you can easily pair back multiple items to these Cloud II, Feb. '23 pieces and know that each new item you buy will pair with items across many other launches.

For instance, the Blackberry and Navy pieces in this Cloud II, Feb. '23 launch were designed to pair with the Blackberry Rose and Navy Sky pieces from the Daydream, Jan. '23 collection. That's just a tiny taste of what's to come. 

The Color System will maximize the wearability of all your Vitality pieces and help you build an effortless wardrobe. You should be able to close your eyes, reach into your closet, grab two pieces, and be good to go!

How does the Color System contribute to our sustainability goals?

One of the biggest issues of sustainability in fashion is that people are wearing their clothing less times than ever before. With this new system, we're hoping to address that problem by creating a master color palette which our customers can use to build a functional wardrobe year over year, rather than being locked in the traditional, seasonal "trend-to-trash" buying cycle. 

Click here to read more about the Vitality Color System.


In addition to classic Cloud styles like the Pant, Biker Short, Volley Short, Scoop Bra, and Scoop Tank, this collection also includes a new Cloud II Trouser, with a boot-cut cuff and choice of Short, Regular, and Long lengths, as well as a Cloud II Jacket, with a waist-flattering tailored fit and thumb holes.

New Vitality Cloud II Trouser, with a boot cut cuff and choice of Short, Regular, and Tall lengths

The new Vitality Cloud II Jacket, with a tailored waistline and thumb holes

To explore each style further, just check out the Cloud II Feb, '23 lookbook.

The collection drops Monday, February 23 at 10:00 am MST.

But text subscribers get thirty minutes of Early Access private shopping, so if you haven't already, sign up now. Considering how bananas fast Cloud II, Jan. '23 sold out, you're gonna want to get on that.

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