Duplexity Lookbook – Vitality Athletic Apparel

A woman can be many things at once. She can be grounded and driven—a go-getter who knows herself and knows what she wants. But she can also be carefree and imaginative, a dreamer who lives in the moment.

Our new Duplexity collection pays tribute to the complexity inside each of us. With its solid, foundational colorways and daring serpent prints, Duplexity can be whatever you want it to be: reliably practical, wildly adventurous, or something in between—just like you.

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Meet Revive

Our new performance fabric is our coolest yet...literally. Its subtle cooling properties pull heat from the skin, keeping your body temp in the optimal range for peak performance. (And, bonus feature: Revive repels pet hair! It’s a game-changer.)

The Reengineered Vital Tee

Our new Vital fabric is a next-gen natural fiber made of responsibly sourced cellulose. It’s softer and more durable than cotton, more sustainable than synthetics, more absorbent, quicker drying, stretchier, stronger, silkier, and lighter weight. We even gave it sweat-wicking and anti-microbial properties.

Long story short, everything you want in a t-shirt, it’s just…more of that. 

Embrace Your Duplexity

Want to dive even deeper into the design inspiration and details of the exciting new serpent prints, Revive pieces, Breeze Train Short, and men's styles of the new Duplexity collection?

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