Rebrand FAQs – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Rebrand FAQs


  • Vitality is an athletic apparel and athleisure brand designed for everybody, celebrating each individual and their unique expression. With connection and purpose at our forefront, we create and develop high-quality products that invigorate our community to become their best selves.

  • Our refreshed brand mission is: Inspired athleisure designed for everybody in their pursuit of a purposeful existence.

  • A purposeful existence is unique to each individual. Finding your purposeful existence is being a part of something bigger than yourself, which provides meaning and intention to your life. A noble cause or worthy goal lights the fire in our journey.

  • Our new Instagram handle is @shopvitality

  • Our updated Customer Support email address is! If you are waiting on a reply from an inquiry sent to, our team will be sure to assist you in a timely manner. 

  • All roads come with unexpected turns. It's no secret that we experienced a step in our journey which was out of our control, forcing a name change. We have realized that this external force has created an opportunity to reaffirm and elevate all we stand for and all we set out to achieve. We are excited to step into the next chapter of our story together as a brand and community: Vitality


  • For immediate help with an order, please email us directly at

  • Yes! So long as you are still within our Return Policy and the items you purchased were not final sale, you may initiate an exchange (applicable to domestic customers only). All Balance Athletica items will be listed out on the website, so you will be able to distinguish between the two brands. Visit our returns page here for the most up-to-date information on our policies.

  • Yes! So long as you are still within the parameters of our Returns Policy, you will be able to initiate your exchanges & returns online. To check out the most up-to-date information regarding our policies, visit our page here.

  • Yes, your accrued points will remain the same and not expire. Our rewards program is now The Vitality Society, where you're able to continue saving up points and earn benefits while you shop!

  • Yes! You will still be able to use your gift card on purchases once we have fully incorporated to Vitality. Happy shopping!


  • Great question! Our SMS number will not be changing with the rebrand. You will still be able to receive all the latest collections updates, discounts, and more through text! To stay in the know and sign-up for text alerts, visit this link here.

  • Yes! Our email address for Customer Support is now Please note that this support email will be able to answer questions regarding past Balance Athletica orders as well as future Vitality orders!

Vitality Products

  • Vitality products moving forward will have a triangle logo for a sleek, minimal look. There may be some looks that have a more bold, Vitality text logo applied, but these will be revealed as we continue to release collections in the future! We can't give away too much yet. 👀

  • Yes! Vitality will now encompass both active wear styles as well as accessories and athleisure styles.

  • Branding for the most recently released Balance Athletica and Vitality pieces will include a triangle logo on the garments. Former Balance Athletica pieces will have the text logo and will be indicated on the product description or in the title of the product on the website.

Rebrand Transition

  • Moving forward, all new collections introduced to customers will be Vitality branded. You can buy previously Balance Athletica branded pieces while supplies last.

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