Behind the Design, Ep. 15: Vitality x Chloe G '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 15: Vitality x Chloe G '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 15: Vitality x Chloe G '23

Girl Power!

For our newest collection, Vitality x Chloe G ‘23, we teamed up with wellness influencer and Vitality athlete Chloe Gottschalk Bounds for a design collab that is a true celebration of girl power. 

We couldn't wait to chat with Chloe about her design inspo for this collection:


We’re so excited for this collab! Can you tell us a bit about the collection in general and what inspired it?

I wanted a collection that made me feel like a bad b*tch. I wanted pieces that made me feel the most confident I ever have, and just colors and pieces that reflected me and my personality. And I wanted a collection that reflected that! I wanted my collection to scream “girl power” and I wanted people to feel powerful when wearing it.

The Vitality x Chloe G '23 collab collection of women's leggings, sports bras, gym shorts and more

Tell us more about that. What does "girl power" mean to you?

Women are powerful!! We are strong, we are fearless, we are relentless—and we are ALL of those things while still being true to who we are. This collection is very feminine with the colors and the designs, because THAT is who I am and what I love.

And I think for a while women thought they had to dim their fashion-light to be taken seriously, so this collection is all about embracing the bright, fun, colors I love while STILL being a force to be reckoned with.

The colors, Campus Pond and Princess, and the Snow Leopard print, are all so striking individually and the pairings they make are so original. How did you pick these colors for the collection, and if you don’t mind sharing, what’s the story behind the names?

Princess—anyone who follows me knows that I LOVE pink. I have pink coffee machines, a pink bathroom wall, if it’s pink, I’m getting it. So it wouldn’t be a Chloe Collection without this gorgeous shade of pink! I named it Princess after one of my dogs.

My dog, Sadie, was my first dog and is truly my soul animal. I rescued her when I was in college and had gotten medically disqualified from soccer so felt lost in myself and in life. Her name was already Sadie when I got her, and Sadie means “princess”, which is why this is Princess Pink.

Princess, a vibrant limited-edition pink colorway for the Vitality x Chloe G '23 collection

The story behind Campus Pond is my favorite. I picked this color for slightly vain reasons, but that’s part of the fun of having your own collection, I suppose! My eyes are green with hints of blue in them, so any time I’m wearing green or a green/blue color they POP. And Vitality has launched blue, they’ve launched green, but they’ve never launched a color like this that’s a perfect mix of blue and green to make a STUNNING teal color that’s vibrant and rich.

Campus Pond, a rich teal colorway exclusively for the Vitality x Chloe G '23 collection

As for the name ‘Campus Pond’, I went to college at Eastern Illinois and there was a walking path there that looped around a cute little pond named Campus Pond. On August 3rd, 2015, my husband, Addison, asked me to be his girlfriend in front of it. Fun fact: Then 7 years later, on August 3rd, 2022, we had our first baby!

Snow Leopard was the FIRST piece I bought from Vitality 4.5 years ago. I got the Snow Leopard Ascend Pants and fell in LOVE! I was hooked on Vitality ever since so it only felt fitting to bring back this iconic print for my own collection.

Snow Leopard, a vintage Vitality print brought back for a limited time only
Ok, tough one: If you had to put together one outfit from this collection for the gym and just one for going out with your girl gang, what would they be and why?

THIS IS SO HARD! But it would depend on WHAT I’m doing at the gym! If I'm lifting, it's the Snow Leopard Breeze Shorts and Snow Leopard Y Bra. If I'm preparing for my 7-mile race with a jog, then it's Campus Pond Breeze Shorts and Campus Pond Halter Bra. And if I'm going out with my girl gang, I'm picking the Princess Y Tank and Princess Ascend II Volley Shorts.


Vitality x Chloe G is a hybrid performance-lifestyle collection featuring three brand-new Ascend II tops: an Ascend II Y Bra and Ascend II Y Tank, both with a unique Y-shaped back for extra support, and an Ascend II Halter Bra with that classic halter look. 

[carousel collection="tops-vitality-x-chloe-g-2023"limit="20"title="New Ascend II Tops"button="See All"]

It will also have staple Vitality styles like the Ascend II Pant, Ascend II Volley Short, and Breeze Run Short (featuring an updated, more true-to-size fit!), as well as Chloe's limited-edition colorways Campus Pond, Princess, and our vintage Vitality print, Snow Leopard, plus our classic black, Midnight. 

[carousel collection="bottoms-vitality-x-chloe-g-2023"limit="20"title="New Ascend II Tops"button="See All"]

Vitality x Chloe G ‘23 drops 7.18.23 at 10am MT. Note: There will be NO Early Access for this launch, so you may want to browse the collection early and build your Wishlist by clicking the heart icon on your favorite products for quicker shopping on drop day!

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