Behind the Design, Ep. 16: Daydream Summer '23 – Vitality Athletic Apparel

Behind the Design, Ep. 16: Daydream Summer '23

Behind the Design, Ep. 16: Daydream Summer '23

Sweet Dreams

Summer is the season of endless possibilities. It’s a time for dreaming, for adventure, and for play. And at Vitality, we’re absolutely basking in it. 

Introducing the new Vitality Daydream Summer ‘23 collection. With a wide selection of fresh styles, eagerly awaited upgrades, and new colorways that offer bold pair-back opportunities to past collections, Daydream Summer is designed to let your imagination run wild.

Daydream is Vitality’s comfort-first fabric. One of our most popular lines of all time, it's feather lightweight, with low compression and a buttery handfeel—making it ideal for low-impact activities and lifestyle wear.

Daydream is a fabric to luxuriate in, whether that means savoring a long post-flow savasana or just relaxing on the couch. It's made with recycled material, plus it's BPA and fluorine free, sweat-wicking, antimicrobial, and offers UPF 50+ protection.

As Vitality's Director of Product, Alexa, explains, "Daydream fabric feels almost like you're wearing nothing. It's so comfortable on the body. It's truly the fabric I gravitate towards most. The fabric is so soft and stretchy that it makes it hard not to want to wear these garments all the time. I find myself reaching for Daydream pieces every time I'm going to the gym or just having a casual day."

The Daydream Summer collection introduces some of our tastiest colorways yet—Watermelon, Cherry Limeade, Sour Berry, Cotton Candy (as well as a classic marled black-on-black: Midnight Marl). Each of these vibrant, playful colorways combines shades from past launches in our Bold Palette, creating many new and exciting pair-back opportunities.   

"When we started designing this collection," Alexa says, "we wanted to bring back Daydream in a very unexpected way with new, fun bold colors. We initially got the idea that became Daydream Summer when we were looking at Bold colors for Cloud II Summer. We thought, 'Let’s try to mix some of these for Daydream and see how they turn out!'

"So, the Daydream Summer colors are made up from two colors from our Bold palette blended together. When we received the sample colorways, we were so excited because we knew our Vitality fam would be stoked. They're so unexpected and the options with how you can pair these garments back to other pieces from past collections are limitless."

The collection features eleven fresh styles and two updated fits.

Daydream Stitch
Daydream Stitch Pant
Daydream Stitch Volley Short
Daydream Stitch Racer Bra
Daydream Stitch Racer Tank

Daydream Block
Daydream Block Pant
Daydream Block Volley Short
Daydream Block Square Bra (updated fit)
Daydream Block Square Tank

Daydream (new standard styles available in Midnight Marl only)
Daydream Pant
Daydream Volley Short
Daydream Biker Short
Daydream V Bra (updated fit)
Daydream V Tank

"We spent a lot of time on the small, little details in this collection," Alexa says. "The Daydream Stitch pieces are made with a higher-end stitch technique called a zigzag stitch which helps elevate the product and give it a fresh look. The stitch is done in a contrast color giving a subtle but unique detail to each garment.

"The Daydream Block pieces are slightly more streamlined in their shape but they offer exciting contrast straps and stitching, and the bottoms have a double Glute Contour SeamTM.

"For the new standard Daydream styles, we saw how our Vitality community LOVED our simple Cloud II pieces so we wanted to make sure we brought the same effortless shapes into our Daydream line. We thought this summer collection was the perfect opportunity to introduce these styles.

"They are the exact same fit and shape as their companion styles in our Cloud II line so if you love those, you are sure to love these pieces also! We are also super excited to bring in a new colorway, Midnight Marl. Instead of a solid black, it is a blend of two different black tones giving the garment a subtle heathered look. It gives the fabric more visual depth and makes it very easy to pair with other blacks and our Concrete family."

New Daydream bottoms include:

  • The Daydream Block Pant and Daydream Block Volley Short, with a square high-rise waistband, contrast stitching, and double Glute Contour SeamTM for accentuating your assets
  • The Daydream Stitch Pant and Daydream Stitch Volley Short, featuring a square high-rise waistband, premium zigzag contrast stitching, and…drumroll please…POCKETS!
  • The Daydream Pant, Daydream Volley Short, and Daydream Biker Short, our new standard Daydream styles in Midnight Marl only, featuring all the versatility of our everyday Cloud IITM styles, but in our lightweight, low compression Daydream fabric.

New and updated Daydream tops include:

  • The Daydream Stitch Racer Bra and Daydream Stitch Racer Tank, with a scoop-neck front, extra-supportive Y-back straps, and premium zigzag contrast stitching.
  • The Daydream Block Square Tank is a waistband-length lifestyle and low-impact tank with removable bust pads and adjustable straps, and it matches its companion style, the existing Daydream Block Square Bra, which has a newly revised fit to offer additional coverage in the front.
  • The existing Daydream V Bra (now with an updated fit to provide more coverage in the front) and matching Daydream V Tank, both have V-neck fronts and adjustable cross-back straps. Available in Midnight Marl only.

Daydream Summer '23 launches 8.3.23 at 10am MT. And you know the drill: Your best chance to snag your favorite styles will be to shop during Early Access starting at 9:30am MT! So, if you’re in the U.S. and haven’t yet signed up for Early Access texts, do it now.

(And if you're NOT in the U.S., good news: For the first time, we'll be emailing you the Early Access password as well! You can sign up for email here.

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